Beer Keg Two Heads Washer
Beer Keg Two Heads Washer CA2-32S-N-H-1
Single head semi-aotumatic Washer
Single head semi-aotumatic Washer

Beer Keg Two Heads Washer

Matching ParameterTwo pumps. two tanks without insulating layer is default choice
Tank ParameterTwo  tanks,single tank 100L without insulating layer, one is caustic tank,the other one is hot water tank.
Heater WayElectrical heater in caustic tank and hot  water tankThe table can rise or notNo
Tank Insulating LayerNo
Spear TypeS/D/A/G type (Choose one of them)Wheels or feetFeet
Power380V 3phase 50Hz  14KWAccording To Customers Power Standard
package: 1.40*1.70*2.25M
PackageComposite Borad Box
Equipment explaination
1. It is use the Siemens PLC200 controller and Schneider ,Taiwan AirTAC solenoid valve,pump is Chinese Yuehua.

2. It own steam sterilize that is suit for stainless steel beer keg and also has steam sterilize function.

3. The whole machine use the stainless steel AISI304. All pipe welding use orbital welding system. Pipe inside and outside are clean and sanitation.

Washing working procedure:
Pressing → air blowing/drain off → rinse water washing → air blowing/drain off → hot caustic washing → air blowing/to caustic box → rinse water washing→ air blowing/drain off → hot water 1 washing → air blowing/drain off → hot water 2 washing → air blowing/ drain off → steam sterilized(drain off) → steam keep pressure sterilized → CO2 blowing/drain off →CO2 pressure filling

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