Serving Tank
Serving Tank
Copper Fermenter
Copper Fermenter

Beer Glycol System

Beer Glycol System

Beer Glycol System

Glycol water tank with 100mm thickness polyethylene insulation, Increase the low temperature holding time of ice water and save the working time of brazing chiller. PU level meter help brewmaster to check the water volume and decide glycol adding volume.

Normally the design of glycol water tank manhole on the top, not easy to do this. Tank breath port design use SUS elbow, preventing negative pressure in tank, reduce natural evaporation of ethylene glycol. 4 pieces one layer Industrial 304 Stainless Steel Legs with adjusting bolt.

Water System

Beer Glycol System

Beer Glycol System – Chiller

2Voltage3 phase 380V 50Hz
3Total power13.8 KW
4Rated refrigeration capacity8.22 KW
5CompressorBrand: Copeland,

Type: totally enclosed,

Starting mode: Sequential direct start,

6CondenserKAIDI, China,

Corrugated aluminum fins with high efficiency copper tube sheath,

Codenserfanflowrete: 3.07m3/h

7CryogenJuhua R404A
8Built in pumpZhejiang Leo multistage pump,

Power: 0.55kw,

lift: 20m,

water inlet: 32mm

9EvaporatorJiangsu Yuan Zhuo, China
10Sanhua Expansion ValveTianjin, China
11Voltage ControllerHONGSEN, China
12Pressure meterHONGSEN, China
13Temperature Control Range, Temperature and Control Accuracy0–10
14Safety protection deviceHigh and low voltage switch, anti-freezing protection, overload protection device, coil overheat protector, temperature automatic protection switch, etc.
15Frozen water nozzle size32mm
16Dimension (mm)1400mm * 800mm *1400mm
17Wight (kg)310kgs
18RemarkThe working condition of above refrigeration capacity is 5℃ of water inlet temperature. The effluent temperature is – 5℃. The ambient temperature is 35℃.


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