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Beer Kegs Use in Pub and Factory

Home brewing beer & Coffee kegs & Coke kegs, stainless steel 

beer & Coffee kegs & Coke kegs

beer & Coffee kegs & Coke kegs

Home brewing beer & Coffee kegs &Coke kegs, stainless steel 


Professional production of household all stainless steel beer kegs. It is mainly used for the first fermentation and second fermentation of home-brewed beer, home-brewed beer, and workshop beer. It can also be used as bubble kegs such as bayberry wine, blueberry wine, and health medicinal wine.


 Keg Informaiton 

Capacity(L)   Diameter(CM)Height (CM)Weight ( KGS)Thickness (MM)
  • Can be used for craft beer, homemade beer, secondary fermentation equipment, Cola, coffee, tea and other drinks.
  • Pressure: 60PSI = 0.4 ~ 0.5Mpa
  • Material: 304 stainless steel, High polished


  1. This beer keg is a new type of rolling bar, which increases shoulder protection to prevent the handle ring from falling off due to long-term use.
  2. The latest argon arc welding machine imported from Europe and the United States and the latest wave of automatic welding technology are used to ensure the firmness and smoothness of the welding seam of beer keg The interior is elegantly shaped for easy cleaning.
  3. The raw material is Zhangpu 304 stainless steel disc, which meets national food standards and hygiene requirements.
  4. silvery white color, dignified atmosphere. Frosted feel, full texture, excellent experience. The handle ring is round and comfortable, without burrs and tangles.

How to use KEG

After getting KEG, first pull up the ring of the pressure relief valve on the cover of KEG and keep it pulled up (you can also pull up and rotate it to jam) until you no longer hear any sound. Pull repeatedly to confirm that the pressure has been released, and then move the locking handle on the lid upwards. Don’t worry about the lid falling off, this possibility is very low. Sometimes the lid will loosen naturally after lifting the locking handle, and sometimes the lid will still stick firmly to the barrel.

At this time, we need to press the lid gently. The side without the pressure relief valve will loosen and close the lid. Hang on the mouth of the bucket. To remove the lid, lift the handle to let the lid hang naturally on the mouth of the bucket. At this time, pull the lid out of the mouth along the raised end.

When installing, you should also lift the handle to allow the lid to hang down naturally, and then insert the dangling end into the bucket first, pull the lid into place, and adjust it left and right to ensure that the lid is in the proper position with the rubber ring. Hold it up a bit to allow the lid to fit naturally.

Guarantee & After sales service

  1. The equipment is guaranteed for 1 years warranty .
  2. Professional technology support team.
  3. Technical support by phone, e-mail, Skype, MSN or Remote around the clock; Supplying friendly English version manual and operation video.
  4. We also provide free sea freight insurance, which is very convenient, safe and could save money for you.
  5. New production techniques, project planning supports and design services.
  6. For the quality guarantee:Quality of the product in accordance with mutually agreed upon requirements for acceptance; the number of product specifications and acceptance in accordance with Quotation; If it does not reach the standards of this Quotation, you could reject to accept and return the product.


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