8BBL Stainless Steel Fermenter
8BBL Stainless Steel Fermenter
6BBL Industrial Beer Fermenter
6BBL Industrial Beer Fermenter

7BBL Stainless Steel Beer Tanks

7BBL Stainless steel beer tanks for beer fermenting  are mostly used in microbreweries.

The fermenters are used both for fermenting and lagering.

The design of conical fermenters is based on our vast beer knowledges and especially the conical fermenter bottom and the fact that we combine fermentation and maturation in the same vessel is very important.

Conical bottom is convenient for recycling the yeast after finishing the fermenting.
7BBL Stainless Steel Beer Tanks Features
1. Completely acid washing & passivation
2. High accuracy temperator control
3. Adjustable pressure control

7BBL Stainless Steel Beer Tanks Specification
Body of Tank
Dished head and conical bottom
Degree of Conical Bottom
60 degree or customizing
Location of Manway
Top mounted manway
Dry Hopping Port
Glycol Jacket
Dual zone jackets on cylinder and cone
Heavy Duty Leg
Carbonation Device

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