30BBL Hotel beer making equipment
30BBL Hotel beer making equipment
Skid Home Brewing Equipment
Skid Home Brewing Equipment

7BBL Brewpub beer brewing system

According to the brewing places, our beer manufacturing equipment can be classified as home manufacturing equipment, hotel/ resturant beer manufacturing equipment, microbrewery equipment, commercial beer manufacturing equipment with various capacities.

7bbl commercial beer brewing equipment includes Milling unit Brewhouse unit, Fermentation unit, Chilling unit, Controlling unit, CIP unit and Water treatment unit, etc.
7bbl commercial beer brewing equipment
(This is Standard, if you have any ideas, we can customized)
01Malt miller500kg/h
Material: Stainless steel; With Double rollers, the distance can be adjustment; New design, this machine can remove the iron and dust by automatically. With explosion-proof motors; Low noise
Configuration: Two vessels: Mash/lauter tank, Kettle/whirlpool tank;
03Hot water tank10BBL
Heating method: Electric Heating: via heating elements; Steam heating: electric/natural gas/fuel steam generator Direct fire heating: via gas burner
Insulation: PU-Thickness: 80mm Glycol jacket: dimpled plate on cone and side, or channel jacket Double or single dish head on the top Sample valve, pressure gauge, temperature probe PT100, solenoid valve, pressure relief valve, side or top manway, racking arm, CIP arm and Blow off arm, dry hops port and so on. Ice water pipe: PPR or Stainless steel
05Ice water tank21BBL
Besides, we also can provide the cold water tank
USA Copland/COOLSOON brand
Alkali tank, disinfectant tank, Cleaning pump
PID semi-automatic controller: Simple operation, easy maintenance. PLC touch screen controller: Programmable, stable, Brewing recipes can be stored.
7 bbl Brewpub beer brewing system produced by us is a set of technological equipment for the production of "live" and filtered beer. Brew master make their beer attractive to consumers by unique brewing process and distinctive beer taste. If desired, they can be placed directly in places of consumption of beer: restaurants, pub, bars, hotels, tourist and shopping centers. Interpreter may be faced with polished brass, copper besides stainless steel. Also, the microbrewery is placed behind a glass partition that allows visitors to observe the process of making beer. This is an excellent design solution interior and a powerful marketing tool. Most installation in restaurants, bars and hotels used microbrewery . A network of restaurants uses equipment with higher capacity. Tiantai microbreweries are installing at the customer's company turn-key. To release a less than 2 bbl of beer per day is unprofitable, so the minimum performance of our equipment is 2 bbl.

Output/Brew7 bbl
Output/Week14~42 bbl
Electric Supply3phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz Single Phase/ 220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz
Heating SourceElectric/Steam
Area Request>60M2

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