80BBL Beer Fermentation Tank For Brewery
60BBL Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank
60BBL Stainless Steel Fermentation Vessel

70BBL Stainless Steel Beer Fermentation Vessel

Conical stainless steel beer fermenter are also called CCT’s (Cylindrical Conical Tanks),
FV’s (Fermentation Vessel), primary fermentor or unitanks as they are used both for fermenting and lagering.

Fermenting is the process during which the yeast transforms the wort into beer. Lagerings takes place after fermenting and is the time given to the beer to stabilize and age after fermenting.

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70BBL Stainless Steel Beer Fermentation Vessel Technical Parameters

Company introducation
We specializing in beer equipment manufacturing for 15 years. The main production are large industrial beer brewery equipment, factory craft beer brewery equipment, hotel and bar beer equipment, lab beer equipment, home beer equipment, wine equipment. At the same time ,the company involved in the brewing plant equipment upgrading project.
It is used for beer fermentation & brewing. It applies in brewing industry.
Stainless Steel 304 or 316L
Technology & Design
1. It is made of double jackets with dimple jacket and insulation layer filled with PU which is imported from Japan.
2. Dish top, conical bottom for good fermenting, improving the quality of beer as well as breeding yeast, cylinder body.
3. As to polish, interior layer and dish top will adopts 3A mirror polish while exterior layer and conical bottom adopts 2B satin polish.
4. As to transition of interior,  we will adopt arc to make sure that there is no dead corner of sanitation.
5. 10-30% headspace, 60 degree cone, rotating racking arm is designed according to your demands
6. All clamps valve and fittings except for cold water inlet and outlet which is Tri-clamp.
7. As to the thickness, we can make it according to your requirement.
1.Configuration details can be designed as your requirements
2.Competitive price and also higher quality tank.
Minimum order
One unit
Payment term
T/T or L/C
Export standard package
At home and abroad
1. Completely acid washing & passivation
2. High accuracy temperator control
3. Adjustable pressure control

Body of Tank
Dished head and conical bottom
Degree of Conical Bottom
60 degree or customizing
Location of Manway
Top mounted manway
Dry Hopping Port
Glycol Jacket
Dual zone jackets on cylinder and cone
Heavy Duty Leg
Carbonation Device

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