5000L Brewhouse
5000L commercial craft beer equipment
10000L/10KL Industrial brewing equipment

60BBL Commercial Brewery System

1. Introduction for 60BBL brewery plant

A commercial brewery is focus on regional market. The capacity request is not so high than micro breweries. Their beers are always sold on shelf in bottle or canning.
We are involved in providing different types of medium scale industrial breweries to clients worldwide. The output is mainly 15kL, 20kL, 30kL, 50kL per working day.

The complete setup of these breweries is in compliance with modern brewery standards and specifications. These products enable systematic execution of milling, mashing, fermentation, filtration, filling and other related processes. We subject each brewing system to stringent testing procedures before launching them in the market.

Tell us about your brewery project!

2. Specification for 60BBL brewery system

Electric Supply3phase/380(220, 415,440)v/50 (60)Hz
Heating SourceSteam/Directly Fired
Area Request>700M2

3. Configuration for 60BBL beer system

General specification for 60BBL/7000L brewery equipment
1Grain Milling UnitRolling Miller800~ 1200kg/hr
Double roller / Speed differential
Flexible Auger1.2-2t/h
Stainless steel screw / PVC pipe
2Brewhouse Unit Mash Ttun7000L 
Steam jacket on bottom and side / Agitator inside / Wort hydrator mounted  / top of mash tun
Lauter Tun7000L 
Grain rake with VFD / Laser cutting V-wire False Bottom / Easyclean and detachable 
sparging spray ring / Multihole wort collect ring(optional) / Anti-rinser(optional)
Kettle Tun7000L 
Steam Jacket on bottom and side / Steam vent with condensate / ring for kettle stack
Whirlpool Tun7000L  
Hot Water Tank14,000L 
 Heat exchanger30M2
SUS304 plate
3Fermentation unitFermenter7000L/14,000L
Glyco cooling jacket on  / cone and bottom / Side or top manway / CIP arm and CO2 blow off arm
Mechanical relief valve / Shockproof pressure gauge / Rotating racking arm
Dry hopping port / Carbonation stone / Sight level
4Filtration unit
Kieselguhr Filter2000kg/hr
Pressured candle type DE filter
5Bright beer tankBright Beer Tank7000L/14,000L
Glyco cooling jacket on / cone and bottom / Side or top manway / CIP arm and CO2 blow off arm
Mechanical relief valve / Shockproof pressure gauge / Rotating racking arm
Dry hopping port / Carbonation stone / Sight level
6Glycol Chilling Unit Glycol Water Tank12,000L
Insulated conical top / and sloped bottom
Cold Water Tank12,000L
Dimple plate on side wall 
7Control unitBrewhouse  controlling 
PLC control with touch / screen for special
Fermentation  Controling  
PLC control with touch / screen for special
8CIPCaustic Tank1000L
electric heating element inside
Sterilization Tank1000L 

Brewhouse System

We offers flexible Brewhouse / Brew Kettle designs to ensure that optimal efficiency is achieved while including all requirements that a customer may have (such as spacing, tank distribution, etc.) Producing a high quality beer requires consistent brews and although experience plays a crucial rolein the process, the limiting factor is the quality of the Brewhouse being used. Having a high quality Brewhouse will ensure that you have the necessary tools to keep the same flavor profile with every batch!
1) Fully insulated mash tun and brew kettle mounted on a modular, radius edge, stainless steel under-frame, designed for easy and efficientinstallation in almost any structure.
2) 100% certified 304L sanitary food grade stainless steel in all of our components. Zero mild steel in our brewhouse, kettles or brew deck.
3) A Mash out manway and true Vee-Wire False Bottom for rapid and efficient cleanup.
4) A Design that allows infinite control, endless flexibility and precise repetition.
5) All necessary equipment to monitor the quality of the brew.
6) Steam, Electric or Direct Fire for heating.

Fermentation system

We offers a wide array of fermenters(fermentation) and brite tanks(maturation) tanks that are designed accordingly to our customers’ specifications and their needs. Our fermenter and brite tanks come in three different generalized builds (customizable tanks are also available): single wall, un-jacketed and jacketed. All of our tanks can be pressurized (unless otherwise requested) and the fermenters have an added bonus of functioning as both a fermenter and BBT tank.
1) 100% certified 304 sanitary food grade stainless steel in all of our components. Zero mild steel in our fermenter and BBT tanks.
2) 360 Spray ball for effective CIP cleaning
3) Manway for easy access to the interior of the tanks (for cleaning or inspection)
4) Safety Pressure valve to protect the tanks from being over pressurized or creating negative pressure.
5) Accessible sampling valve for beer monitoring
6) Carbonation / Aeration Stone

Auxiliary Equipment

We offers all necessary peripheral equipment (bottling equiment) to ensure that your brewery / Brewpub has everything it needs for a high quality brew and the means to give your clients the best drinking experience.

-- Malt Mill

01.Double Roller
02.Adjustable roller width, little dust, low noise

-- Cooling system

01.Glycol Chiller

-- CIP Tanks

01.Disinfection Tank
02.Alkali Tank

-- Control Cabinet

01.Schneider low voltage electrical components; Danfoss VFD;
02.Wiring diagram will be provided with the panel;
03. wiring diagram and English nameplate.
04.All motors must have fuse and overload protection.

Product Details

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