2-Vessel Brewhouse
The introduce and detailed configuration of 200L Fermentation tank

60 gallon  Stainless Steel Bright Beer Tank for Beer Brewery Plant

60 gallon  Stainless Steel Bright Beer Tank for Beer Brewery Plant


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Tech Specs:

  • Working Capacity: 200l
  • Diameter: 730mm
  • Overall Height: 1800mm
  • Net weight: 113kg
  • Manhole: Top manhole
  • Material: 304 Stainless steel




The brite tank is used after the fermentation tank to store beer. Here can be filled with a steady flow of carbon dioxide to keep the beer alive. Carbon dioxide is the soul of beer. It can also filter remaining substances after fermentation. 

  • 304 stainless steel unless otherwise noted
  • The tank is designed for 15 psig
  • Flange and top top and bottom
  • Two pits, a cooling jacket (one at the bottom, one on the side wall) c / w side of the installed glycol port
  • The cooling jacket is designed for 35 psig.
  • Sampling cock
  • Carbonized mouth
  • Side placed in / raised sidewalk
  • Pressure / vacuum safety valve
  • Pressure gauge assembly
  • CIP arm fixed 316SS spray ball
  • With a calibrated strip
  • Polished stainless steel pins with adjustable feet
  • The side walls and the bottom are insulated and coated with # 4 finishing stainless steel


Packaging and shipping





Buyer Feedback


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  • Pre-sale service:

According to customer requirements to provide one-stop brewing beer project solution:

1,tailored process flow chart;

2,site layout;

3,cost-benefit analysis.

  • Production monitoring:

Equipment production will be strictly according to standards, timely communication with the customer about production and other production conditions;

1,to guide customers to prepare the venue;

2,to help customers handle the relevant permit business procedures;

  • After-sales service:

1,Our commitment to all tanks five-year warranty, life-long technical support.;

2,Send professional brewing engineers free on-site guidance to install debugging;

3,To teach brewing beer brewing technology;

4,Provide a variety of brewing brewing formula;

5,supply all kinds of beer brewing raw materials.


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