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used stainless steel fermentation tanks for sale
1000L Fermentation Tank (Craft Beer Brew Equipment)

50L Home Beer Brew Equipment

Introduction of small brewery equipment  

Complete brewery-systems for microbreweries with production from 50L up to 200L of beer per day. 

The brewery sizes are produced standard, but also custom-made specially

composed brewery are manufactured on customer’s request. 

Our brewing equipment enables production of all styles of beer. 

All brewing operations as well as fermenting & conditioning process can be controlled via semi-automatic-control with programming system, or can be fully automatic (computer controlled) depending on customer’s requirements.


The characteristics of the equipment is to maximally keep the natural freshness and nutrition of beer, and winemakers can prepare different beer like light beer, wheat beer, red beer, yellow beer, fruit beer, stout and other fresh, green, pollution-free beer based on the taste of guests, so as to meet the needs and tastes of different consumers.

We have the most experienced workers and engineers mastering advanced technology, which makes the constant innovation and development of technology possible. We combine the traditional brewing methods and modern technologies together to improve the quality of equipment. In a word, our factory is a professional and responsible manufacturer.




(1)This 50L beer equipment mainly includes Mashing system  , fermentation system, washing system.

(2) This equipment adopts stainless steel 304 or copper as its material, we can supply beer brewing technology with the advanced beer producing and designing technology in the world.

(3) The beer brewing equipment has beautiful appearance, small space demanded, good quality, reasonable price.

(4) We can design it according to your requirement, such as material, capacity, appearance, voltage, etc.

(5) It is a good choice for home or personal hobbies, or pub etc.




After sale service process guided installation

2 .years warranty for main tanks

3. High Quality SS 304, red copper coating optional.

4. Mirror polishing on both sides

5. Experience, Excellence and Credibility.

6.3 years warranty for main tanks.



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