1000L Small brewery equipment
1000L stainless steel conical fermenter

500L pub brewing systems

600l beer making equipment

500L pub brewing systems describe

Output / Brew500L600L800L1000L1200L1500L2000L2500L3000L3500L5000L
Brew / Week2~62~62~66~126~126~122~32~32~32~32~4
Output / Week1000~1200~1600~6,000~7,200~9,000~120,000~150,000~180,000~210,000~300,000~
Electric Supply3phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
Heating SourceElectric/Steam/Directly Fired
Area Request>45M2>50M2>60M2>70M2>80M2>100M2>300M2>350M2>350M2>400M2>700M2

Note: 1hl=100liter, 1Gallon=3.7854liter, 1Barrel (BBL) =117Liter.

500L pub brewing systems Advantages:
1. Complete, new, and high quality configuration.
2. Auxiliary systems selection of leading and imported brand.
3. The auxiliary systems are long life, high-performance, high-quality, low-loss.
4. Certified stainless steel(304,316) material for all tanks.
5. Electrical accessories reach CE, PED,LVD export standards.
6. Supporting auxiliary system voltage and frequency match your standard exactly.

7. New production technics.
8. Stable quality, high performance, strict quality control.
9. All the equipment are adopted 100%TIG welded joints, mirror Polishing.


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