Stainless Steel Beer Keg
Stainless Steel Beer Keg
600l micro craft beer fermentition tank
600l micro craft beer fermentition tank

Glycol Jacket Conical 500L Brewery Equipment for Sale

According to the brewing places, our 500L Brewery Equipment can be classified as home manufacturing equipment, hotel/ resturant beer manufacturing equipment, microbrewery equipment, commercial beer manufacturing equipment with various capacities.

500L Brewery equipment includes Milling unit Brewhouse unit, Fermentation unit, Chilling unit, Controlling unit, CIP unit and Water treatment unit, etc.
500l small glycol jacket conical brewery equipment for sale 
(This is 500L Standard, if you have any ideas, we can customized)
01Malt miller300kg/h
Material: Stainless steel; With Double rollers, the distance can be adjustment; New design, this machine can remove the iron and dust by automatically. With explosion-proof motors; Low noise
Configuration: Two vessels: Mash/lauter tank, Kettle/whirlpool tank;
03Hot water tank800l
Heating method: Electric Heating: via heating elements; Steam heating: electric/natural gas/fuel steam generator Direct fire heating: via gas burner
Insulation: PU-Thickness: 80mm Glycol jacket: dimpled plate on cone and side, or channel jacket Double or single dish head on the top Sample valve, pressure gauge, temperature probe PT100, solenoid valve, pressure relief valve, side or top manway, racking arm, CIP arm and Blow off arm, dry hops port and so on. Ice water pipe: PPR or Stainless steel
05Ice water tank1500l-1000l
Besides, we also can provide the cold water tank
USA Copland/COOLSOON brand
Alkali tank, disinfectant tank, Cleaning pump
PID semi-automatic controller: Simple operation, easy maintenance. PLC touch screen controller: Programmable, stable, Brewing recipes can be stored.

Brewhouse System

Beer brewery equipment is various in combination of vessels, all kinds of brewhouse is used to achieve the same four steps mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool, by special brewing intentions of brewer including wort output, wort gravity, sparging water, brews in certain time, brewing method etc.

The 500l beer brewery equipment could be included two-vessels brew house, three-vessels brew house and four-vessels brew house. Two-vessels brew house includes mash/lauter tun and kettle/whirlpool tank.

Three-vessels includes mash tank, lauter tun and kettle/whirlpool tank. Four-vessels includes mash tank, lauter tun, kettle and whirlpool tank. The mash tun capacity is bigger, the vessels is more. It is just in order to reduce the brewing time, improve the working efficiency.

More Brewhouse System

Fermenter System

Glycol jacket beer brewery equipment fermenting system consists of Fermentation Tank and Bright Beer Tank.

Fermentation Tank structure and design differs depending on fermentation process. the normal conical beer brewery equipment fermentation tank structure is dish head up and cone down,the fermentation tank is equipped with cooling installation,there is a cooling jacket on tank cone section,columnar part has two or three cooling jackets.

This not only can meet the relevant requirements of cooling, guarantee cooling rate of fermentation tank, also help to precipitation and storage the yeast.

500l beer brewery equipment has fermenters with shadowless manhole and a set of full sanitary sample valves, mechanical relief valve with glass and rotating racking arm. When we finish manufacturing stainless steel mash tun, we will test tank and jacket leakage by water and pressured gas stringently.

More Fermenter System
Beer Fermenter Details:
1.Welding & Polishing: The stainless steel mash tun 100% TIG welded joints and the interior is mirror polished to 0.2-0.4μm.
2. False bottom (filter plate), laser cutting T-wires, plate gap: 0.8mm; Material is SUS 304
This filter plate is made on a complete stainless steel by CNC lathe, it is strong, filter fast and leak no any grist.
3. Round stainless steel manhole, mash tun with sight glass, used for observe the mash status.
4. The false bottom includes heat exchang Alfa Laval type.
5. The fermenters adopt shadowless manhole, more durable and beautiful.

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