5 bbl microbrewery equipment for sale beer equipment
3 Vessels Brewing System for Craft Beer Brewing
Nuevo sistema de elaboración de cerveza de 200 litros de buena calidad

Our factory has nearly 10,000 square meters of modern production workshop, we have a number of production lines, assembly line operations with humanized management.

Our customers are located in more than 50 countries in the world. Our main markets are Europe and North America and Central America, followed by Asia, Oceania and South America.

Our brewing equipment is based on the taste and health of the drinker, Because of this, we are willing to spend a high cost to use a high specification of the process, and even if the single process cost of microbial clarification process exceeds the whole price of some cheap beer, we can see the degree of quality pursuit.

500L beer brewery equipment

500l beer brewery equipment is a good choice for hotel, barbecue, restaurant who brew beer for customer at scene. Small floor coverage makes it possible to show consumers the whole process of beer brewing.

The luxury and sanitary process comforts the consumers and give them impressed experience.

Integral 500L brewery equipment system components:

1. Malt milling system

2. Mashing system

3. Fermentation and maturation system

4. Glycol chilling system

5. Control system

6. CIP clean system

Malt milling system:

Stainless steel double roller malt miller,

Mashing system:

Generally 2 vessels, 3 vessels, 4 vessels even more vessels brewhouse.

We can do customized configuration and make configuration for you according to your site and budget.

Please check the photos of 2 vessels 500l brewing equipment and 3 vessels 500l beer brewing equipment:

Some one likes to call hot water tank a vessels, too. So before quote the price or confirm the order, please also confirm the configuration with both sides.

Fermentation and maturation system
Fermenters and bright beer tanks

We will calculate how many beer fermenters you need or you tell us how many pieces do you need.

Top manhole or side manhole can be chosed.

Level indicator, thermometer are necessary.

Someone prefers single layer fermenters because of having a cooling room.

So please tell us your requirements in detail, then we can quote a more detail price for you.

Glycol chilling system

The capacity of glycol water tank is mainly according to the brewhouse you have,

Besides a glycol water tank, there will be a chiller and glycol water pump composed to a chilling system.

Control system

We have digital and PLC type

The temperature displays on the control modules.

We will make a complete control program in the PLC system, a very automatic control type.

CIP clean system

We have 2 tanks CIP clean system and 3 tanks CIP system,

But for 500l beer brewery equipment, a set of 50L CIP will be OK.


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