The introduce and detailed configuration of 200L Fermentation tank
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500 L Fermentation tank


1.Company Profile

Jinan Zhuoda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been producing beer equipment for 20 years. It mainly produces large-scale industrial beer equipment, factory-type craft beer equipment, hotel bar beer equipment, teaching experimental beer equipment, household beer equipment, fruit wine equipment and so on. At the same time, the company participated in the beer equipment upgrade project.

We have always been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, pursuing excellence; manufacture each product as make art. According to our philosophy, works need to be full of humanity and resonance as our life!

2.product description

The fermentation is a cone body welded by stainless steel , the cone angle is generally 60° 72° 75° 90°. The main par of  tank consists of Inner tank, polyurethane layer and outer shell.

The advantage of equipment:

a.) A suitable diameter-height ratio is easy to convect the fermentation in the tank.

b.)Cone angle between 60-90 °, easy to recover yeast

c.) The tank is cooled by a Maitreya plate, the bottom of cone has1 section of Maitreya, and the cylinder has 1-3 sections of Maitreya, which is beneficial to yeast fermentation.

d.) The fermenter has a built-in solenoid valve and a temperature sensor to intelligently monitor

e.) the temperature of the tank and adjust the fermentation temperature.

f.) The top of the tank is equipped with a separate exhaust pipe. During the pre-fermentation, the gas in the tank is discharged from the exhaust pipe to prevent the beer from overflowing from the tank, and it can also be used for carbon dioxide recovery.

g.) The tank is equipped with a separate CIP pipe and a rotating washing ball for cleaning and disinfecting the tank 360° without dead angle.

h.) The exhaust pipe is equipped with a precision mechanical pressure regulating valve. The valve body is engraved with an adjustment scale, the adjustment range is precise, and the operation is simple.

I.) Install oil-containing and shock-resistant pressure gauges with high precision and not easy to damage.

j.) Install an air pressure relief valve to automatically open when the tank is under negative pressure or excessive pressure to ensure tank safety.

k.)The equipment legs installed adjustment pad and have strong adaptability to the site.

l.) The cone is installed with a universal wine-bending pipe, and the direction of the wine pipe in the tank can be adjusted when taking the wine.

m.) The waist of the tank installed  hygienic-grade elliptical pressure-resistant manhole and can withstand 0.5MPa pressure.

n.) Install sanitary sampling valve, pure mechanical structure, easy to clean and not easy to Infected bacteria.

o.)There is a drain valve at the bottom of the tank.

3.Equipment Configuration

500L Fermentation Tank
NO.1Total volume625L
NO.2Effective volume500L
NO.6Outer TH2mm
NO.7Inner TH2.5mm
NO.8Insulation materialPU
NO.9Insulation TH80mm
NO.10Top typeDomed top
NO.11Manhole Typeside
NO.12Manhole size400mm
NO.13polishing0.4 micron
NO.14CIP pipe DiameterΦ32mm
NO.15CIP ballrotating spray ball
NO.16Temperature sensePT100 sensor
NO.17Side fitting thermowell diameterInner: 6X18mm


NO.18Design pressure0.3Mpa
NO.19Working pressure0.15Mpa
NO.20Cooling typeDimple cooling jacket
NO.21Cooling area1.2㎡
NO.22Cooling jacket inlettri clamp connection
NO.23Cooling jacket outletDN 25
NO.24Security devicePVRV
NO.25Pressure gaugeElectrical contact pressure


NO.26Rotating Racking arm1pc
NO.27Sample valve1pc

4.Payment & Service

(1)Service & Guarantee

a.) Project planning and design services;

b.) Free debugging instruction of equipment until everything is functional;

c.) Management of equipment’s long distance shipping from seller’s factory to named port or station by buyer;

d.) Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

e.) For the whole beer system, the warranty is 3 years since completing of machinery’s commissioning work. All main machine guarantee is 5 years,main machine refers to all tanks. All of the accessories and facilities , are guaranteed for one year. The seller is responsible for the nature damage of the machinery in the warranty period except for man-made damage.

(2)Payment Terms

a.) 40% of the whole amount pay as down payment by T/T before production;

b.) The balance 60% paid before shipment after inspection by T/T.

(3) Delivery Time

Within 40-55 working days after confirmation of the initial payment. Holiday will be automatically postponed to meet after the holidays. send the full set of drawings not more than 5 working days after confirmation of the initial payment. The production start only after my approval on the drawings.

5.Our certificate


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