150 gallon conical stainless fermenter
Nuevo sistema de elaboración de cerveza de 200 litros de buena calidad
500L beer brewery equipment

5bbl Beer equipment brief introduction

Capacity: 5bbl
Two Vessels: Mash &kettle tun, lauter&whirlpool tun
Heating method: by steam, by electricity, by fire

5bbl Beer equipment configuration

Milling system- Mash system- Fermentation system- Cooling system- Washing system Control system with PLC- Wine column-to bar counter.

5bbl Beer equipment technical parameters

Milling system:

Malt crusher, Double -roller type, carbon steel

malt miller

Mash system

l  Mash & Kettle tun : SUS304,inner shell thickness: 3mm,cladding thickness: 2mm; total volume 6.3bbl, effective volume 5bbl;dimple jacket,mechanical stirring; equipped with reducer, motor power 0.37kw, speed ratio 1:29;insulation layer thickness 80mm.

l  Lauter&whirlpool tun: SUS304, inner shell thickness: 3mm,cladding thickness:2mm,total volume 6.3bbl, effective volume 5bbl;mechanical stirring; equipped with reducer, motor power 0.37kW, speed ratio 1:43;insulation layer thickness 80mm;milling sieve plate.

l  Wort pump: SUS304, flow 3tons/h, lift 18meters.

l  Plate heat exchanger: two stage four process, equipped with ice water, tap water and wort inlet&outlet.

l  Accessories:wort thermometer,temperature measurement and oxygenation combination,titanium bar,mash line with related valves and piping,measuring cylinder,Sugar meter(two sets),worst rake.


Fermentation system

1.       Fermentation tank: SUS304,inner shell thickness: 3mm,Cladding thickness:2mm,total volume 6.7bbl, effective volume 5bbl,dimple jacket to cool;insulation layer thickness 80mm; withstand voltage of tank is 2.5bar, 60 °hypocone is compressive strength design,internal roughness 0.4 um or less, no distortion, no scratches, weld highly polished, the upper with lamp lens, with temperature sensors, sampling valve, pressure gauge , negative pressure valve.

2.       Yeast tank:Effective volume 10L;Internal polishing;equipped with valves and accessories.

3.       Accessories:Food grade hose,Refrigerant piping, thermal insulation piping.

fermenter tank

Cooling system

l  Ice water tank: SUS304, inner shell thickness: 2mm, cladding thickness: 1.5mm;total volume 2500L (25HL) (5HL), effective volume 2000L (20HL);insulation layer thickness 80mm,equipped with valves and accessories.

l  Refrigerator:11620w/h(5HP)

l  Ice water pump:Flow 3T/h Lift 25m; to cool the plate heat exchanger and fermentation tank.

l  Accessories:equipped with valves and accessories,thermal insulation pipe.

glycol tank

Washing system

l  Sterilizing vehicle:Disinfection tank: effective volume 50L;thickness: 2mm.valves and accessories;alkali tank: effective volume 50L;thickness: 2mm;valves and accessories.

l  Washing pump:Flow 3t/h Lift18m.

l  Accessories:equipped with valves and accessories,control box,steel wire hose.



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