Used Brewery Equipment
Used Brewery Equipment
beer brewing system
Beer Brewing System

4 Vessel Brewhouse

4 Vessel Brewhouse

4 Vessel Brewhouse

4-Vessel Brewhouse

Our 4-Vessel Brewhouses are state-of-the-art production brewhouse systems, delivering production brewery quality, efficiency, yield and versatility for some of today’s largest and finest craft breweries. Ruijia’s standard 4-Vessel brewhouse design consists of an individual Mash Tun, individual Lauter Tun with a separate Brew Kettle and a separate Whirlpool vessel. Utilizing Ruijia’s best-in-class automation & controls to maximize efficiency and versatility, these 4-Vessel systems are the perfect solution to deliver the high productivity brewing needs of many craft brewers.

Our 4-Vessel Brewhouse systems are available with several options to help deliver brewing efficiency, control & automation, and overall flexibility. Typical size range: 10 BBL, 15 BBL, 20 BBL, 30 BBL, 50 BBL (custom sizing & configuration available)

4 Vessel Brewhouse

4 Vessel Brewhouse

4 Vessel Brewhouse

4 Vessel Brewhouse

1. High Gravity Mash Tun

  • Low pressure steam jacket with PLC controlled temperature control for optimum profile capability
  • VFD speed and function controlled, custom engineering mash mixer for low sheer, efficient mash mixing designed to handle high gravity brews

2. High Gravity Lauter Tun designed to handle larger grist loads

  • Integrated, VFD speed and function controlled rake system designed to cut and lift grain bed to maximize extract yield, reduce lautering time and automate grain out processes
  • Custom designed wedge wire false bottom designed to maximize yield and minimize grain pass-through
  • Grain out access manway for easy and efficient grain out processing
  • Multipoint wort collection design for uniform bed formation and high yield extract collection

3. Brew Kettle with integrated steam jacket and temperature control

  • Custom designed vessel optimized for rapid boiling and DMS removal improving product quality and energy efficiency
  • Low pressure steam jacket with PLC controlled temperature control for efficient and vigorous boil control

4. Whirlpool Vessel for efficient and optimal trub separation

  • Tangential inlet for high centrifugal circulation of wort and trub separation
  • Whirlpool vessel designed to maximize wort yield with sloping bottom

5. Semi-Automated Controls with Allen-Bradley PLC & Remote Access Support

6. UL Electrical System with NEMA 4X Control Panel

7. 316L Sanitary Pumps with VFD Controls

8. 316L Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger for “Knock Out” with integrated temperature controls

9. Manual Sanitary Butterfly Valves


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