Nuevo sistema de elaboración de cerveza de 200 litros de buena calidad
500L beer brewery equipment
100l fermentation tank
100l fermentation tank

3 Vessels Brewing System for Craft Beer Brewing

In the saccharification stage of beer brewing, we need different containers for multiple steps, including saccharification, filtration, boiling, and suspension. The different reaction steps can be carried out in the same or different tanks, so there can be many different combinations. Today we have to talk about the three-system, that is, three separate tanks to form a fully functional and reasonable system.

There are two common combinations, as follows:

Mash tank + Filter tank +Boil/Whirlpool tank: The mash tank is charged for saccharification, boil(kettle) and whirlpool process will in the same one tank.

Mash/Boil tank+ Filter tank+ Whirlpool tank: The boil tank is charged for saccharification.


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