1BBL Home Brewing
1BBL Home Brewing Kits
2.5BBL Bright Beer Tank
2.5BBL Bright Beer Tank for Beer Maturation

2BBL Home Brewing Equipment

2BBL Home Brewing Equipment Advantages

  • Top cone of all tanks are mirror polished
  • Flanging butt joint on manway pipe fittings, beautiful and secure weld joints
  • Outer cladding is adopted mechanical polished with uniform welding lines.
  • Our skilled workers are with more than 15 years welding and related production experiences for micro brewing brewery equipment. Our installation engineers are with more than ten years brewing experiences, which can train or help you brewing customers-liked beers.
  • High quality milled falsed bottom installation method: special discharging hangle, easy to discharge and clean;
  • Led cold light, bright , lower power consumption and lasting, other suppliers only use normal light ball;
  • Imported food grade rubber hose, long lift-span, safe and firm

2BBL Home Brewing Equipment Advantages

  • Large spent grain door, reliable sealing, with hopper, easy to make the spent grain out without ground pollution.
  • Mechanical pressure adjustable valves: plus and minus pressure protection, ensure the tank safty.
  • Complete quality control and management system: material IQC complete inspection, PQC production process inspection, OQC inspection after finishing production-brewhouse installation 24 water leakage test and pressure test, fermenters cooling jacket pressure 24 hours test
  • 5 Years After-sales services for our goods.
  • Complete beer line to meet different capacities and all kinds of beer
  • Customize 2BBL Home Brewing Equipment can be offered (voltage,material,dimension,heating source and so on)

2BBL Home Brewing Equipment Specifications

Brewhouse Capacity
2 Barrel/brew
SUS 304 Stainless Steel
Interior Finish
Acid washing and passivation
Polishing Precision

2BBL Home Brewing Equipment Standard Configurations

Combined 3-Vessels Brewhouse System:
1*2BBL Mash-Lauter/Whirlpool Tun
1*2BBL Kettle Tun

Glycol Jacketed Conical Fermentation Tank:
4BBL Fermentation Tank

Cooling Unit:
1*5BBL Glycol Water Tank
1*3HP Chiller
1*3m3 Centrifugal Pump

Controlling Unit:
Brewery Instrumental Control Cabinet

Cleaning Unit:
Portable CIP Pump

All the items listed above could be custom made upon your particular needs.
For more details, please feel free to contact us by email or by the inquiry sheet.

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