1000L jacketed beer bright 1
1000L commercial fermentation tanks

2BBL Brewing System

2bbl brewing system On June 2018, we arranged james's tanks to his home, he is a smart home brewer, 2 months ago before we shipping tanks, this guy with his friend rebuild his Basement as install space : 4 pieces 2bbl fermenter tank, 1 piece 2bbl bright beer tank, 6bbl ice water tank, 3HP brazing chiller, 50L CIP system and 100KG/H adjust double roller malt miller.

A. 100kg per hour working capacity double roller stainless steel miller, Max working capacity 150kg per hour, make sure service brewhouse working well. Double roller can be adjust, help brewmaster milling the malt with a right size. Whole stainless frame in a humid environment is not easy to rust, power, plug type and color can be customized.

Inner surface pickling and passivation fermentation tanks with hygienic grade fittings. Avoiding surface have hygienic dead corner was left over bacteria pollute beer after CIP clearing. Fermentation tank have 25% top space, be sure the CIP ball will not into beer then though out by CIP tube, PU level meter start top to end of cone bottom to mange the beer quantity.

More than 72 hours pressure testing for cooling jacket and tank with 3 bar /2 bar, be sure the tightness on the top grade and avoiding glycol water leakage damage the insulation material. 3 bar mechanical pressure relief valve company with 3 bar pressure vacuum release valve make sure fermentation process safety. pressure vacuum release valve can replace mechanical pressure relief valve to work when the valve damged.

3 pieces Interval type butterfly valve for CIP inlet, racking arm and drain outlet. It is easy to control the speed and quantity of fluid. 13 pieces tri-clamp connect the tank and fitting, easy to remove , also have screw connect way for optional. Lift the ring and ladder hook to install at the top. If customer want carbonation beer by carbonation stone and add hops by a port, those will installed in cone bottom and domed. 4 pieces one layer Industrial 304 Stainless Steel Legs with adjusting bolt better than 201 stainless steel leg with adjusting bolt.

2bbl brewing system

Glycol water tank with 100mm thickness polyethylene insulation, Increase the low temperature holding time of ice water and save the working time of brazing chiller. PU level meter help brewmaster to check the water volume and decide glycol adding volume.

Normally the design of glycol water tank manhole on the top, not easy to do this. Tank breath port design use SUS elbow, preventing negative pressure in tank, reduce natural evaporation of ethylene glycol. 4 pieces one layer Industrial 304 Stainless Steel Legs with adjusting bolt.

3HP chiller use R404A as refrigerant, the type refrigerant in line with Europen law standard, sanitation, pollution-free, considering the location of chiller, the working noise of the chiller is less than 50 decibels. The chiller outer cabinet made of stainless steel 304 to protect the inner parts.

2 tanks CIP system for hydrogen peroxide and alkali liquor installed on skid card, it is easy for brewmaster move it to a right position easily cleaning tanks. CIP pump with 3T/H working capacity, supply high and safty pressure to CIP ball, make it rotating with high speed frequency ensure tank surface cleaning well. Independent control system control heating on/off, have temperature display screen, easy to check the Temperature of cleaning liquor.
We are so glad have chance cooperate with this guy, not only he placed order for me but also we both are the fans of Houston rockets, when we have free time, we talk about James Hardon performence on the court, we talk Chris Paul and focus on the Melo coming or not. we both looking forward Rockets can beat Golden State Warriors, then will have big big chance bring Chamption for Houston. Unluckly we lost the game.

Time like horse cross the street, the container will arrive houston within couple days, every 5 days i help James to check the shipping details, where the container in, and send bill of loading, packing list/commercial invoice, bill of insurance files to him by DHL.