3000L Brewhouse
3000L Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment Brewhouse
2000L Stainless Steel Beer Equipment

2500L Professional Brewing Equipment Brewhouse

2500L brewhouses are typically applied to breweries which are independent owns and much smaller than the large scale cooperated ones.

With the society development, more and more people are interested in craft beer. And nothing brews delicious beer better than Grain beer brewing equipment.

Our brewhouse is the system for beer brewing from the beginning of mashing process stage until the wort is cooled then passed into fermenters.

Both decoction mashing and infusion mashing can be done with our equipment.
2500L Brewhouse Vessels With Different Combinations

2500L Mash/Lauter Tun+2500L Boil Kettle/Whirlpool Tun+5000L Hot Liquor Tank
2500L Mash/Lauter Tun/Whirlpool Tank Combine Vessel+2500L Kettle Tun
2500L Mash/Lauter Tun/Hot Liquor Tank Combine Vessel+2500L Boil Kettle/Whirlpool Tun

Other combinations or dependent configurations are available to meet your specific requirements.

SUS304,SUS316 or Red Copper
SUS,Mirror SUS, Luxury Red Copper
Dimple Plate
Heat Insulation:
Polyurethane or Rock Wool
Steam/Direct Fire
Controlling System:
Temperature, Pressure Auto Control/ PLC, HMI or Touch Panel
Electric Supply:
3Phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
Single Phase/220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz 
or As Special Request

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