25BBL Commercial Micro Brewing Equipment Brewhouse
25BBL Commercial Micro Brewing Equipment Brewhouse
18BBL Commercial Beer Equipment Brewhouse
18BBL Commercial Beer Equipment Brewhouse

20BBL Commercial Brewing Equipment Brewhouse

Craft beer is more and more popular all over the world. And nothing brews delicious beer better than Grain beer brewing equipment.

Whether it’s a brewpub, taproom microbrewery or large scale brewery, our 2-120 BBL brewery equipment are what you need to share your passion with the world.

We are factory supplied with good quality,more competitive price and installation service. Lifetime guarantee are assured.

Whether you are creating a business or brewery renovation project, come here!

A perfect solution is always for you!

Tell us about your brewery project!

20BBL Brewhouse Normal version

Capacity1000L Beer Brewing Equipment10BBL Beer Producing Equipment30BBL Beer Factory Equipment2000L Industrial Beer Brewery Equipment
MaterialSUS304 or red copper
Mill system300kg/h roller mill300kg/h roller mill500kg/h roller mill500kg/h roller mill
Fermentation system8*1000L top manhole fermenters or custom-design8*10BBL top manhole fermenters or custom-design8*30BBL top manhole fermenters or custom-design8*2000L top manhole fermenters or custom-design
Refrigeration system2000L ice water tank+7P chiller or custom-design2000L ice water tank+7P chiller or custom-design4000L ice water tank+20P chiller or custom-design3000L ice water tank+10P chiller or custom-design
Cleaning system100L CIP100L CIP 200L CIP200L CIP 
Control systemDigital display cabinet or custom-design
Mash systemmash/lauter;boiling/whirlpool tank;hot water tank or custom-design 
Optional equipmentfilter;steam generator;bright beer tank;keg filling system;bottling system;kegs,etc 

20BBL Brewhouse Description

Capacity1000L Beer Brewing Equipment10BBL Beer Producing Equipment30BBL Beer Factory Equipment2000L Industrial Beer Brewery Equipment
Output1000 L/Batch 10BBL/Batch30BBL/Batch2000L/Batch
Square for work shop50 m250 m2100 m280 m2
Installed Capacity50 Kw50 Kw75 Kw70 Kw
Voltage / Frequency (3 phase)380V / 50Hz or custom-design
Workers Required1 worker
Warranty5 years for the main equipment(tanks);1 year for electronic components
Installation/Operation/ Service/ Maintenance ManualProvided In English

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