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800L micro beer brewing equipment

200L brewpub equipment

200L brewpub equipment Description

The whole beer equipment is consisted of Mash system,Fermentation system,Refrigeration system,Control system and CIP cleaning system. The tank of the system all adopts S.S 304,and the system also have high automatic control capacity.
Simple operation,PLC automatic control system ,PLC semi-automatic control system.
Equipments characteristics:small investment.quick effectiveness,high quality,lower prices,the investment repayment is fast,the service life of equipment is long,easy operation,lower cost.Strong technical force.
At the same time if you have requirements,we could design and produce the products you need!

1.Mash&Lauter tank1 piece; SUS304  effective capacity:500L, total capacity:740L, dimension:1160*2150mm
2.Kettle & whirlpool tank1 piece; SUS304 or red copper; effective capacity:500gallon, dimension:1160*2150mm
3.Inner tank body thickness3mm
4.Cladding thickness2mm
5.Insulation layerrockwool
6.Insulation thickness100mm
7.ManholeTop or side manhole
8.Miller machine1 piece;1000kg/h, 3kw
9.Wort pump1 piece; Stainless steel food deliver pump,

flow rate:3m3/h, lift:18m

10.Plate heat exchanger1 piece; two stage cooling, 6 flows,


11.Pipeline $ Valve1 set; Stainless steel; Food grade SUS304
12.Wort measuring meter1 set; Stainless steel; WNG/WNY(0 ~ 100°C)
13.Venturitubes1 set; Stainless steel
14.Saccharometer1 set; Glass
15.Rake1 piece;SUS304, Lees out rake,L=1300mm
16.Operation Platform1 piece; Stainless steel


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