300l Stainless Steel Fermenter Tank
100L Brewery Lab Equipment
100 litre stainless steel fermenter

200L beer Fermenting Machine

Technological specification: 
Outside surface
Stainless steel or red copper,THK:1.5mm-3mm
Inner surface
Top shape
Seal head or conical head
Heating method
Insulation layer
Protected by polyurethane,THK:70-100mm
Side upward or your requirements
Plate heat exchanger
Raking system conneted into a top reducer

Technical parameters & relevant services

1. Output: 600 L/Batch
2. Square for work shop: 25 m2 and 2.5 m high
3. Installed Capacity: 20 Kw
4. Voltage / Frequency (3 phase): 380V / 50Hz or we can design it according to your actual requires.
5. Workers Required: 1-3 Workers
6. Warranty: 10 year from the date of completion of the commissioning.
7. Installation/Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English

Fermenting system

Function: Used for keep wort fermentation or maturation.
Component: It is consisted of shadowless manhole, mechanical relief valve, sample valve, pressure gage, rotating racking arm, butterfly valve, solenoid valve and etc. It is the third part of beer brewing equipment for restaurant.
Capacity: 10bbl ( brew beer once a day, to fill all the beer into one tank).
20bbl ( brew beer twice a day, to fill all the beer into one tank).
Cooling method: dimple plate or glycol cooling jacket both bottom and top.
Cooling media: Complete stainless steel pipeline for cooling between glycol water tank and fermentation tank.
Design pressure is 0.3MPa; Working pressure is 0.15MPa. (standard design, MPa can be customized).

Glycol cooling system

Function: Used for cooling wort in heat exchanger when it finished the mashing in brewhouse, and cooling wort in fermentation tank in the fermenting period.
Component: Ice water tank, solenoid valve, glycol water ump, stainless pipeline and etc. It is the fourth part of 1000l industrial beer brewing equipment.
Capacity: 30bbl, the much volume you need, you will lessen the cooling time in the plate heat exchanger.
Cooling method: Two stage cooling (Glycol water and tap water work cooling).
Control method: Automatically by PLC controller cabinet.


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