2BBL Home Brewing Equipment
2BBL Home Brewing Equipment
2BBL Bright Beer Tank
2BBL Bright Beer Tank for Filtered Beer Receiving

2.5BBL Bright Beer Tank for Beer Maturation

2.5BBL Bright Beer Tank Production Description

Bright Beer Tank are often also called serving tanks, tax determination tanks or clear beer tanks (=CBTs), bright beer tanks (=BBTs), maturation or conditioning tanks. We know that bright beer tank is the last vessel that beer comes in contact with to become a beer that is perfectly matured, clarified and ready to be packaged and served.

Depending on their application , the beer serving tanks can be glycol jacketed or can be located in a cold room. For brewpubs serving is often done by pumping or pressurizing the beer toward the serving location.

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2.5BBL Bright Beer Tank Feature

- 304 stainless steel, 2B finish
- Fixed stainless steel legs and bases with adjustable legs
- Preformed dimple cooling jackets within cladding
- Sanitary side mounted manway with pressured door
- Stainless steel pressure/vacuum relief valve
- Full sanitary metallic sealed sampling valve
- Shell and bottom dome insulated and clad
- Carbonation port and stone included
- Maximum operating pressure: 2bar

2.5BBL Bright Beer Tank Options

- Sight gauge
- Customized name plates (with brewery name and logo)
- Customized diameters/height
- Several finishes available, including Brushed, 2B, 8K Mirror Tell us about your brewery project!

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