beer fermentor
Beer Fermentor
1000liter fermentation tanks for sale
500 liter fermentation tanks for sale

Hello, thanks for clicking our products. This is Camille from Shandong Ruijia brewery group, nice to meet you here.

Whether you’re a beer lover or business lover, you’re probably aware of the sweeping craft beer movement that has taken all world by storm. Craft beer has been growing rapidly over the past few years, are you looking forward to building your own dream craft brewery?

Ruijia Beer Brewing Equipment Group will be your reliable partner.

Configuring list

1300kg/h   Miller1
21000L Brewhouse

Mash/lauter tun+Kettle/whirlpool tun

+Hot water tank

Steam/electric/directly fire heating

31000L/2000L   fermenter6/3
4Cooling   unit1
5Control   unit1
6CIP unit1

The brewery equipment is widely used in pub, bar, restaurant and craft brewery. The configuration is flexible depending on different working efficiency:

Brewhouse combination is flexible according to your needs and daily work shift.

The more brewing tanks, the continous batch to batch brewing is easier to achieve.
Hot liquor tank is optional, which could help heat the hot water and store the hot water come from heat exchanger after cooling the wort.

Fermenter quantity will depend on beer daily output and beer fermentation cycle.
Bright beer tank also is a option, the function is store and Add CO2 in general. If you want save cost, we could add a carbonation stone for fermenter, then it named ” Unitank”.

Cooling system including glycol water tank, pump and chiller. The big cooling capacity used in heat exchanger, for cooling wort.

Control system we have 2 type, PLC control and Digital control system.

Our Services

Guarantee & After Sales Service

5 years   warranty24 hours   service
Guide   and free installationBeer   recipes
Spare   partsQuality   guarantee
3D drawing   and details drawingManual   operate book

Produce process

Produce process

Our brewery equipment including brewing fermenter all take SUS304, SUS316 and red cooper, it is up to customer. We make the  thickness outer is 2mm, and inner is 3mm, also you could test it;

All the welding we do it by TIG welding 100%, also we will provide the video for you.

Packaging & Shipping

1. All tanks will be packaged with soft protection material and mounted on strong carbon steel frame

2. All accessories and spare parts will be packaged with seperated box.

3. After loaded into containers, all equipments will be well fixed to the containers.



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