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50L brewing equipment

100L home beer brew equipment

100L Home Beer Brewery Equipment

100L Home Beer Brewery Equipment

Product descriotion

100L one-piece equipment was designed used for home brewing,including the whole brewing process. You don’t need to take your time to match them anymore, you will gain a one-piece device that covers all the equipment.  100L one-piece equipment uses electric heating, has one home brewing pot with two pcs 50L fermenter so on.It can produce 800 liters of beer per month.

Product features

  • Space saving and affordable cost.
  • Free beer brewing recipe.
  • Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally.
  • Multiple pressure and leakage testing 24 hours before delivery.

Product detail

T h i s equipment adopts 304 stainless steel as the manufacturing material, and it is a mashing

system equipment integrating mashing, filtration, boiling and Whirlpool .

SPECIFICATIONS FOR 50L beer brewing equipment


Mash/lauter/kettle/whirlpool tun1Electric heating
Heat exchanger12 stages


Fermenter tank4Double cooling jacket

Other machine

Cooling unit1cooling wort and fermenter
Control unit1all the machine
Movable car1Easy for move

 About us

We specialized in beer brewing equipment manufacture for 20 years. The main production are large industrial beer bbrewingequipment, factory craft beer brewing equipment, hotel and bar beer brewing equip-ment, teaching lab beer brewing equipment, household beer brewing equipment, winebrewing equipment. We also involved in the beer brewing equipment upgrade project.

Our service

  1. The equipment is guaranteed for 5 years warranty for main tanks, and we supply maintenance all life for free;
  2. Professional technology support team could guide your equipment’sinstallation, brewing and also would like to go to your country for training;
  3. Technical support by phone, e-mail, Skype, What’s App or Remote around the clock;
  4. Supplying friendly English version manual and operation video, pictures.
  5. In order to achieve the friendly cooperation with you, our Special Services are listed as follows
  • Free Installation will extend to  15 days.
  • We also provide free sea freight insurance, which is very convenient, safe and could save money for you.
  • We will send a completed Beer Recipe to you after placing the order. It includes a lot of Special beer. You and your team would probably love it.
  • New production techniques, project planning supports and design services.




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