1000 beer brew equipment
Double roller malt miller
100L Home Beer Brewery Equipment

100L Home Beer Brewery Equipment

Commercial beer making equipment/Mini beer brewery equipment/ Bar beer brewery kit

Whether you are a craft beer lover or commercial project .

Whether you want to build a new craft beer brewery project, orextension .

Whether you want to brew beer at home or factory crafted beer.

No matter what you want:

Lager or Ale beer ,Draft beer or fresh beer, pure beer, thick beer, puree beer ….

Yellow beer or white beer, black beer, red beer, color beer, copper beer …

German beer or American beer, British beer, Chinese beer …

You can find the noble quality craft beer brewing equipment at here,and designed only for you.

Now, let me introduce one of our classical 100l beer brewery system.

Material: 304 or 316 food grade stainless steel, luxury copper (customizable)

Mashing system: Mash/ lauter/ kettle/ whirlpool tank.

It not only can realize you to complete the whole brewing process, but also can save you much money than 2 vessels, 3 vessels brewhouse.


Fermentation  system

Fermentation tanks with cooling jaket: You can choose one fermenter to start or 4-6 tanks as you desire. It’s up to your budget and the beer production you need.

Structure: Open, horizontal and vertical.

Cooling mode:Low temperature refrigerating medium cooling, direct cooling and refrigerating storage.

Common volume: Each can 100L-20T; 3/5/7/10/15/20/30BBL (customizable) Appearance style: stainless steel modern type.

Special customization: For opening and horizontal cans, etc.,can be customized according to customer requirements.

Equipment characteristics: Beautiful appearance, exquisite polishing;

Control characteristics: PLC automatic control, but also manual control, easy to operate.

beer fermenter

Glycol water system: Glycol water tank, chiller and glycol water pump.


The cold water tank

1Total volume223L
2Effective volume200L
6Outer TH2mm
7Inner TH3mm
8Insulation materialPU
9Insulation TH65mm
10Inner cone160degree


Control system

Control cabinet1 setMaterial:

Powder Painting

Power supply: 220V/1PH, 50hz .


Mashing control1 setMixing,rotation,wort pump Manual operate
Fermentation control1 setTemperature,pressure,

lamp, instrumen.and so on

Refrigeration control1 setMachine unit,pump temperature,and so on




Control System



About us                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We supply industrial / factory / hotel / pub /bar / restaurant / teaching lab / household beerbrewing equipment, wine brewing machines,beer bottle& beer kegs filling/ washing machine, provide turn-key brewing solutions for customers from small to medium and large scale. We also involved in the beer brewing equipment up grade project, keen in makingeveryone beer making dreams come true.

Our Advantages

1) UL & CE Rated Controls and Components.

2) Tanks conform to all ASME pressure vessel ratings and standards.

3) 100% Pressure & , leak testing of all tanks, jackets, and hardpiping. All eletronics andbrewhouses pre-assembled and tested before shipping.

4) All brewhouse piping is stainless hardpiping. No plastic piping used in the brewhouse for wortor beer.

5) All control panels are pre-wired and pre-tested.6)PLC Siemens color touch screens control system.

7)Complete mechanical engineering support, on-site installation, start-up and training support forall systems.


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