Beer equipment machine
Пивное оборудование 300л с прямым огневым подогревом

It is really the peak season for exporting beer brewery equipment in recent month.

Especially 1000l brewery equipment, we have delivered 5 sets of 1000l brewery equipment to Poland, Finland, Mexico, France and Thailand before May.

From the very begining of the second quarter till now, we have already got three big orders that more than 1000l, and 2 orders 500l system and more than 10 sets of micro brewery system that less than 200l, we are continue to handle orders from all over the world.

We are ready to help you with your beer business , have you already prepared to start?

About 1000l brewery equipment, most of the customer choose 3 vessels: Mash/ lauter tun, kettle/ whirlpool tun, hot water tank.

Well, some of our customers also would like to choose 2 vessels, most of them make one batch of beer per day, or because of budget limited.

4 vessels , 5 vessels also can be available. It is up to your demand and your finantial.

About the configuration of 1000l brewery equipment, let’s take a view of 3 vessels including hot water tank.

  • 1000l brewery equipment brewhouse: Mash/ lauter tun, kettle/ whirlpool tun, hot water tank+ Plate heat exchanger, pumps, VFDs and so on.
  • Fermentation tanks according to customer’s beer production demands.
  • Glycol water tank with chiller and pump
  • Control cabinet, PLC control cabinet and digital type of control cabinet can be available.
  • CIP system for cleaning the tanks
  • Mat mill
  • Steam boiler(Optional)

Pictures of details is as below, please check.

1000l brewery equipment mashing system:

1000l brewery equipment Fermentation system:

1000l brewery equipment glycol chilling system:


1.Q: I am new, how to start my craft beer brewing business by using your brewing equipments?

  • A: We have focus on manufacturing beer brewing equipment for more than 20 years.We have rich experience to help you how to choose beer brewing equipment and how to brew different types of beer.You meet us, anything will be possible!

2.Q:How many years are your warranty ?

  • A:The main tanks of the equipment are for 5 years, auxiliary ones for 1 year.

3.Q: Is possible to supply installation in our country ?

  • A: Yes, we could supply engineer to supply installation guidance and training.

Our factory photos:

  1. Manufacturing experience more than 20 years.
  2. Strict quality control department to ensure that each order can represent the highest quality in China
  3. Strong technical team
  4. Responsible salesman
  5. Considerate after-sales service

Email us your requirements, your future of beer business will be suddenly enlightened.



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