500L Electric Heating Craft Beer Brewing Equipment
Equipo de la cervecería casera

1000L Beer Brewing Fermenter

1.Detailes of 1000L beer breing equipment:

  1. 100% Stainless Steel SUS304 Construction;
  2. Dish top cover & Cylinder Body & 60°Conical Bottom;
  3. Glycol cooling jacket( cover body & bottom);
  4. 80-100mm PU foam Insulation;
  5. Inside of the tanks are polished to Ra<0.4um
  6. Side way manhole or up way manhole;
  7. CIP with Spray Ball;
  8. Thermometer (PT-100) in thermowell at side;
  9. Sanitary Sample valve ;
  10. Pressure Relief valve
  11. Rotating Racking Arm with TC Butterfly Valve;
  12. Bottom outlet with TC Butterfly valve;
  13. Adjustable legs with pads.

2.Technical Data:

  1. Inner thickness:3.0mm, outer thickness: 2.0mm
  2. 2.Polished inner: 0.4um
  3. 3.Pressure: 15 psi
  4. Double dimple cooling jacket (on main shell and cone). With separate inlets and outlets. Pressure tested.
  5. 5.Inner – cylinder body, 60°cone bottom. Outer – Cone top, cylinder body & cone bottom.
  6. 6.Shadowless ellipse manhole. (on side wall)
  7. Rotatingvacuum relief valve;
  8. 8.Sanitary triclamp fittings and triclamp butterfly valves
  9. 4 inch Hop port
  10. 10.Thermometer
  11. 11.insulation: PU 80mm



3.Guarantee & After Sales Service:

  1. 3 years warranty for main parts
  2. Free training for installation and operation, free technical support
  3. English version manual and operation video CD disk.



  1. Can your brewing equipment make both lager and ale?
    • A: Yes, our beer brewing equipment can make both lager and ale.
  2. How to achieve temperature control?
    • A: The PLC or digital dispalyer could control the temperature by connecting with the PT 100 sensor. The brewing tanks with rock wool to keep warm, the fermenters and bright beer tank with PU as cooling jacket to keep cool.
  3. Is it possible to supply installation in our country?
    • A: Yes, we could supply our clients over sea service and direct the installation and brewing.


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