80BBL Bright Beer Tank for Filtered Beer Receiving
120BBL Bright Beer Tank for Filtered Beer Receiving

10000L Bright Beer Tank for Beer Dispenser

Production Description

Bright beer tanks are often also called serving tanks, tax determination tanks or clear beer tanks (=CBTs), bright beer tanks (=BBTs), maturation or conditioning tanks. We know that bright beer tank is the last vessel that beer comes in contact with to become a beer that is perfectly matured, clarified and ready to be packaged and served.

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Working Volume (L)Dimension of Tank (D*H) mmTotal Height (H) mmDiameter of Inlet&Outlet (mm)Diameter of Inlet&Outlet (mm)Diameter of Inlet&Outlet (mm)
500Dia 800*8001750Dia 3850440*320
1000Dia 1000*12002200Dia 3850440*320
1500Dia 1100*14002500Dia 3850550*430
2000Dia 1200*15002700Dia 3850550*430
3000Dia 1400*17003150Dia 5150550*430
4000Dia 1500*21003450Dia 5150550*430
5000Dia 1600*22003590Dia 5150550*430
6000Dia 1700*22003650Dia 5150550*430
8000Dia 1800*27004350Dia 5150550*430
10000Dia 2000*28004450Dia 5150550*430
Technology & Design

1). It is made of double jackets with dimple jacket and insulation layer filled with PU which is imported from Japan.
2). Dish top, conical bottom for good fermenting, improving the quality of beer as well as breeding yeast, cylinder body.
3). As to polish, interior layer and dish top will adopts 3A mirror polish while exterior layer and conical bottom adopts 2B satin polish.
4). As to transition of interior, we will adopt arc to make sure that there is no dead corner of sanitation.
5). 10-30% headspace, 60 degree cone, rotating racking arm is designed according to your demands
6). All clamps valve and fittings except for cold water inlet and outlet which is Tri-clamp.
7). As to the thickness, we can make it according to your requirement.

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