100l fermentation tank
1bbL jacketed beer fermentation tank
100L Home Beer Brewery Equipment
100L beer brew equipment

1000 beer brew equipment

1000 beer brew equipment.

Set one luxurious craft brewery equipment,

Authentic beer brewing on-site,

Brewing and selling,

Skillfully blend of beer production and consumption,

Not only show your hotel’s grade and strength,

But also added the operating characteristics and highlights.

beer pub brewing equipment

Product description

The characteristics of the equipment is to maximally keep the natural freshness and nutrition of beer, and winemakers can prepare different beer like light beer, wheat beer, red beer, yellow beer, fruit beer, stout and other fresh, green, pollution-free beer based on the taste of guests, so as to meet the needs and tastes of different consumers.

Crsahing  system



Malt mill

Product details
Crashing effect:
Incomplete crushing

Product  feature

The grinding roller is flat, materials  are easy to enter the extrusion area,
convenient for disassembly and maintenance;
High transmission efficiency,
smooth operation, low noise;
Concentric rotation, can withstand higher rotation speed and grinding roller pressure;
Fine adjustment of rolling distance is simple and labor-saving, with high adjustment accuracy and convenient operation of locking handl.

Malt elevator

The flexible conveyor adopts the principle of spiral transport,

and USES steel wire spring to rotate the crushed malt to the powder warehouse or mash tank.

Mashing system

Mash tun(1000L)
1.Effective volume:1000L
4.Material:Stainless steel 304
5.Outer TH:2mm
6.Inner TH:3mm
7.Insulation material:rock wool
8.Insulation TH:80mm
9.Top type:Domed Top
10.Manhole size:480mm
11.Inner cone:160°
12.CIP pipe Diameter:32mm
13.CIP ball:rotating spray ball
14.Temperature sense:PT100 sensor
15.Side fitting therm well diameter:
Inner: 6X18mm
16. Support leg:3*SUS 304
17.Inner Polishing:0.4micron (Full polishing)

Fermentation system

beer fermenter

Cooling system

Pre-sale service:
According to customer requirements to provide one-stop brewing beer project solution:
1,tailored process flow chart;
2,site layout;
3,cost-benefit analysis.
Production monitoring:
Equipment production will be strictly according to standards, timely communication with the customer about production and other production conditions;
1,to guide customers to prepare the venue;
2,to help customers handle the relevant permit business procedures;
After-sales service:
1,Our commitment to all tanks five-year warranty, life-long technical support.;
2,Send professional brewing engineers free on-site guidance to install debugging;
3,To teach brewing beer brewing technology;
4,Provide a variety of brewing brewing formula;
5,supply all kinds of beer brewing raw materials.


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