The Firsts Black Hops Beers We Ever Brewed Beers 1-6
The First Black Hops Beers We Ever Brewed Beers 1-6
How East Coast Haze Went Core

Our Results At The 2021 Aiba Awards

After a hiatus last year, the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) returns again in 2021, with the founders of the Stout Company heading to Melbourne on May 20 to be part of the Queensland brewers’ contingent.

Now in its 25th year, the AIBA is the world’s largest annual results draft and packaged beer competition, attracting 2,600 entrants from more than 400 breweries in 26 countries.

 It allows us to benchmark our beers against the best results breweries in the world, and we have successfully won results gold medals for our beers at every AIBA awards ceremony since 2016.

This year, not only did we continue our gold medal streak, we won 5 gold medals, the most we’ve ever won at any awards ceremony!


The following stout hops won gold medals.

Beach House (3rd AIBA Gold Hotel)
Send It On (our first AIBA Gold Medal)
Pink Mist (Gold for our first AWOL, Gold for Pink Mist)

G.O.A.T (2nd AIBA Gold)
Code Red (3rd AIBA Gold)

Medals are awarded if a beer results reaches a certain score, so there may

 be multiple bronze, silver and gold medals in each category.

From our perspective, winning any medal at AIBAs is a huge accomplishment for a brewery. Brewing beer to style is a showcase of quality and consistency, and we love having the opportunity to submit our beers to the beer judges each year.

In addition to the gold medal beers, we received a series of silver and bronze medals. Here’s how our other entries fared.
Silver Medal
Pale Ale
East Coast Smoke
Super Hornet
Léger Beer
It’s a great cheer to the brewing team that they results continue to improve and deliver consistent and quality production across our three breweries as 

beer results production continues to increase. It is truly a testament to their great work that we continue to be recognized in these types of awards.

While gold medals are great, we would be remiss if we didn’t shout out the big winners on the night. Trophies will be awarded for the top gold medal in 

each category, results with the overall trophy going to the brewery with the highest total. Here are some of the major trophy winners.

Champion Large Australian Brewery
4 Pine Tree Brewing Company (NSW)
Champion Mid-sized Australian Brewery

Hopper Country (Vic)
Champion Small Australian Brewery
Cheeky Monkey Brewery (Western Australia)

Best Australian results Pale Ale
Brie Palm-Brie Brewing (Queensland)
Best New World Style Pale Ale

Cryotherapy Hazy IPA – Sunday Road Brewing (NSW)
Best International Style Pale Ale
King’s Road IPA – King’s Road Brewing Company (WA)

Best English or European Style results Beer (excluding IPAs and Pale Ales)
Forhorn Hunter Kolsch – Forhorn Brewery (NSW)
Best Traditional IPA

Sprocket-Bentspeed Brewing Company (ACT)
Best Modern IPA

Lefties- Cheeky Monkey Brewery (WA)
Best Amber/Stout Ale

Bass-Hope National (VIC)
Best Belgian/French Style Beer

Le Petit Biere – Stone and Wood (NSW)
Best Wooden Barrel Aged Beer
Sauvage-Deep Creek Brewing Company (NZ)


When the beer was ready, we bottled it by hand in a stout hop brand and headed over to Eddie’s house for our first tasting. 

The beer results smelled and tasted great, just as Eddie described in the initial conversation; lightly flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and brandy, but usually just a pure Irish stout.

Some of this initial batch went to mates, but importantly, some of it was distributed to industry insiders – mainly contacts Eddie made while hanging out at results craft beer bars in Brisbane.

With momentum results building, we made the leap from home brewing to commercial brewing, and in October 2014, Gypsy brewed the first batch of eggnog for results commercial sale under the name Black Hops at Beard and Brau Brewery in the scenic surrounding area.

Once we had brewed enough eggnog to keep the party running smoothly, we organized an official launch party on November 2 at the amazing Hoja Bar in South Brisbane. Friends and family showed up and the keg was drained in 2 hours and 20 minutes. People love eggnog!