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What Size Brewhouse Do I Need
What Size Brewhouse Do I Need

Microbrewery Equipment: What You Really Need

A microbrewery is a task that is both valuable and ancient, and it is becoming increasingly well known as a worldwide professional service. Many people approach it for enjoyment or enthusiasm, 

yet when the time comes to choose the right microbrewery equipment, they are usually confused.

Microbrewery Equipment What You Really Need

The most effective option for performance, safety and security, and health is of course to choose professional microbrewery equipment that focuses on those products that offer resistance and high quality.


 First, let’s have a quick discussion microbrewery about the basic tools for a microbrewery.

Which tools are you missing out on because you can’t afford them? Find and view in this page.
Saccharification systems
Washing systems
Brewing systems
Air conditioning and fermentation tools
Air Conditioning Systems
Filtration System
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1-Sugarization System

Once you have the malt ground and ready, the first step is definitely to put it into the mashing system with water in order to heat the mixture for the following steps. Throughout the process, the malt in the mixture develops into a syrup.

2 – Cleaning the system

The saccharification process produces a sugar-rich liquid called wort, which needs to be separated from the recurring grains: to do this, 

you need to use a washing system and the saccharification process needs to be heated again; after that, it has to be “recirculated”, 

which means that it actually has to be drawn out and also placed in the Finally, water is dripped into the syrup to remove all the sugar that continues to be present. 

All of this happens in a unique piece of equipment called a Lauterton, one of the more important elements in your microbrewery equipment.

3 – Brewery System.

The brewery system is obviously the heart of the microbrewery equipment. The development process takes place in a piece of equipment called a mixing tank, 

where the wort is boiled and also flavored. Throughout the boiling process, the wort is sterilized, all bad flavors evaporate, and strong debris is removed.

Microbrewery Equipment What You Really Need
  • 4 – Air conditioning and fermentation
  • The wort is cooled to bring it to the proper fermentation temperature level. After the air conditioning, the fermentation starts and the yeast is put into the wort in a special container called fermentation vessel.
  •  The equipment used in this operation should be carefully chosen, as it is one of the most delicate procedures for health.
  • 5 – Air conditioning system
  • The final beer produced must be removed from the fermentation vessel in order to separate it from the dead yeast, which may cause damage or at least spoil the final taste of the product. Afterwards, 
  • the beer is placed in a conditioning system to allow it to ferment fully. Depending on the manufacturer’s intentions, this process can take weeks and months.
  • 6 – Filtration system
  • It is important to note that filtration systems are not often required in microbrewery facilities. In fact, there are several microbreweries that sell unfiltered beer.
  • 7 – Product Packaging System
  • If your microbrewery only sells beer where it is produced, you certainly do not need a product packaging system. If you want to offer your beer outside the brewery, you need to pack it directly into kegs,
  •  containers or vessels. A great product packaging system can achieve a superior quality standard, rate and precision in kegs, cans or bottling, while also being the basic choice for completing microbrewery equipment and all basic equipment.
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  • The brewery system is obviously the heart of the microbrewery equipment. After that, the beer is put into a conditioning system that allows it to be both fully grown and fully remaining.
  •  It must be noted that a filtration system is not always essential in a microbrewery tool. If your microbrewery is only selling beer where it is produced, 
  • you certainly do not need a product packaging system. An excellent product packaging system allows for high quality requirements, high speed and precision in kegging,
  •  tinning or bottling, and is also the basic choice to complete the microbrewery equipment with all the required equipment.