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Bright Friday – From Our Bright Tank To You, Let’S Enjoy A Beer Together This Friday (Brisbane & Gold Coast Only)

How Black Hops Is Operating During The Covid-19 Crisis

2019 Coronavirus disease means living a normal life as we know it for a while is not the same. New phrases such as “social distance” are now part of everyday language. Many people’s livelihoods and businesses have been put on hold.

 Everyday activities we once took for granted, like going to your favorite bar for a beer, are no longer an option. These are necessary responses to an unprecedented situation in which the health of our fellow human beings has rightfully become a top priority for society.

At Black Hops, change is happening every day. Shell’s 2019 coronavirus disease hit our customers and our entire industry, leaving us cringing and cringing. 

Then, preservation mode kicked in and Eddie, Gove and I quickly sat down and began to strategize, specifically, how we could keep the brewery operating, our business healthy and our employees working.

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With a host of new health and sanitation restrictions, we’re still serving beer to people in innovative ways. So while you can’t currently drink stout hops in our restaurants or at your favorite local spot, our beers are still available. Here’s how you can currently get your dark hoppy beers:.

Many of our during indoor venues still have dark hop cans in stock and are now available for sale through a new take-out service

We encourage you to support these venues that have suffered potentially fatal and unexpected blows due to recent events. We hope that during all of these venues will be able to weather this crisis and return to normal operations when all is said and done.

Our bottle store customers are still trading, including independent brands such as Cellar, Wine Cellar, Star Liquor, and Thirsty Camel, as well as large bottle stores such as Dan Murphy’s, 

BWS, and First Choice, which are still open as of today. See the Beer Finder for stockists. Some companies during are also doing local delivery.

We’ve launched a new Gold Coast and Brisbane fresh beer during home delivery service called Dark Hops Supply Drop. It runs Wednesday to Sunday between 1pm and 7pm and can be accessed via the

 Supply Drop page at并且很快将在Android和iPhone应用商店中提供.
Our restaurant is still during open for takeaway and we have adjusted our hours of operation to be open 7 days a week from 12pm to 6pm (card payment only).

We are now available for pickup through our online store (Gold Coast customers: 7 day service: 12pm to 6pm). You can choose which brewery to buy your beer from, order your during beer and come in to pick it up.
Our online store continues to offer delivery throughout Australia.

Two weeks ago, we stopped production of cask-conditioned beer and increased production of limited editions. This means we have more beers than usual during available for limited release and we have a number of exciting new batches. These will be available directly through us and,

 in some cases, our online store, supply delivery service and some of the prem customers who do takeaways. If you have any thoughts on the beers we brew, we’ll be discussing them in our Black Hops Ambassador group on Facebook. Please feel free to make a suggestion.

We are unable to provide shifts for many of our temporary employees and we are doing our best to support them. If you know of any great companies that offer extra shifts for temps, please let me know, we have a great team and it would be great to offer them some extra shifts (text me on 0434 152 966).

So far we have been able to hire all full time during employees by building the new service mentioned above and redeploying it to the restaurant and distribution. Our sales reps are still working here and available to our customers.

The future is very uncertain, but our goal is to get through it with our business intact, our customers supported, and our team hired.

We also want to during get you, the Black Hops community, involved in what we are doing while so many people are hiding at home and feeling isolated.

 So, on Friday, March 27, we held a special event called “Bright Friday,” which coincided with the limited release of the new Scout Series beer, Sapro IPA.

 That night, we facilitated a live video call that anyone could during connect to via the Zoom platform to sample Govs’ new beer and have a Q&A with Eddie, Govs and me.

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We got a great response, with the beer selling out in record time and over 50 people on the live call. So while we can’t host monthly restaurant events, 

restaurant takeovers or brewery tours for a while, we’re still finding ways to maintain a sense of sharing and community with our customers while needing to keep our distance.
At the beginning of this year, who would have thought 2020 would be like this? But here we are, as responsible, compassionate people as well as beer lovers, we rally, we adapt, and we do what we need to do to get through it together. 

Now, more than ever, we are grateful for your support and we are still here, looking forward to continuing to produce great beer and sharing it with our customers in new ways.
Dan, Eddie, Goff and the Black Hops team.

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