What Should We Know About Brewing Fruit Beer
What Should We Know About Brewing Fruit Beer?
What Should Be Noted During The Usage Of Heat Exchanger
What Should Be Noted During The Usage Of Heat Exchanger?

How To Storage The Hops

Hops maintain their active ingredients for a certain period of time and do not change under certain storage conditions. There are many environmental factors such as microbial attack, the action of oxygen in the air, higher temperatures or humidity that can accelerate the deterioration and oxidation of hops. Light is also harmful to the storage of hops, as it can cause them to turn white. Therefore, hops should only be stored at lower temperatures, isolated from oxygen, protected from light and dry. It also preserves the color, flavor and alpha acid content of the hops.

In summary, there are several points to note.

1) Packaging should be tight, pressed and vacuumed. It can also be filled with N2 or CO2 for isolation.

2) Store at 0°C-2°C and place on a wooden grate.

3) The warehouse for hops needs to be dry with a relative humidity of 60% or less. The room should be dark to avoid discoloration of hops and not store products with offensive odors.

4) Hops should be used early and stored early to avoid overstocking.

In addition, storage under the conditions of the hop product is the best way to maintain the brewing value.

What is malt pulp and alcoholic strength?

Do wort strength and alcohol strength mean the same thing?
There are many Chinese people who think that the wort strength of beer is the alcohol strength, but in fact they are different.

(1) Beer with low wort concentration
The wort concentration is between 6°-8° and the alcohol content is low, usually 2%, which is more suitable for drinking as a refreshing drink in summer, with the disadvantage of poor stability and short shelf life.

(2)Middle beer
The wort concentration is between 10°-12°, with an alcohol content of about 3.5%. 10° wort is more common. In China, most high-end beers are in the 10° plateau.

(3) High-Plato beers
The wort ranges from 12° to 20° and has an alcohol content of 5%. Internationally, 12° beers are premium beers. These beers have a long brewing cycle, are stable, easy to store and transport, and are always favored the best, such as German beers.

Which type of beer are you planning to brew?
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How To Storage The Hops
How To Storage The Hops