How To Choose Brewery Beer Equipment
How To Choose Brewery Beer Equipment
How To Start A Brewery Selecting The Right Property
How To Start A Brewery: Selecting The Right Property

How To Open A Craft Beer Brewpub Or Microbrewery

How to open a craft beer brewpub or microbrewery?

With the increasing development of economy, the urban population is increasing, and people’s consumption concepts are also undergoing tremendous changes. The traditional single dietary consumption has become increasingly uncompetitive. The experiential catering consumption is increasingly sought after by young people. Craft beer is a project that has been very popular among investors in recent years. Craft beer is well adapted to the consumption concept of modern young people with the characteristics of small batch brewing and various tastes. So, how do you open a distinctive craft brewery?

How To Open A Craft Beer Brewpub Or Microbrewery
How To Open A Craft Beer Brewpub Or Microbrewery

Target customer of the brewery or brewpub

First, it is important to locate the target customer group and location of the craft brewery bar. Generally, craft brewery should be selected in places with a large flow of young people and business people, such as shopping malls, dining areas, commercial streets, and office gathering areas. Young people have a strong ability to accept new things and are willing to experience novelty. Of course, some tourist areas with cultural heritage are also very good choices. There are also some craft breweries and brewpubs that are used for specific activities in the circle. The main customer groups will not be ignored due to distance restrictions. Such craft brewery and brewpub can be chosen at relatively low rents and have enough venue space.

Find a style of decoration for your brewery or brewpub

Second, the decoration of the craft brewery and brewpub. The decoration of the craft brewing  directly affects the consumer experience. It is recommended to conduct more detailed market research and conduct in-depth management for a certain characteristic group. It is not recommended to adapt to the public without focus. Position the customer groups in the market and build consumption scenes based on the characteristics and personalities of such consumer groups. The decoration pattern and style should also serve the scene experience. For example, the simple style with the theme of characteristic culture, the industrial style with the theme of free social interaction, and the business style with the theme of business communication.

To determine if brewery equipment necessary

Third, do you need to purchase craft beer equipment to make your own brew? Brewing your own beer requires not only purchasing a set of professional and reliable craft beer equipment, but also a professional brewer. The investment in craft beer equipment is generally selected according to the size of your own store, and the investment is also different. Take a set of 500-liter beer equipment ,the investment is about 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, and the investment of a set of 300-liter craft brewing equipment is also 150,000 to 6 million. The equipment investment is still not small. If you have the equipment, you need a brewer. If you don’t know how to make craft beer, you need to hire a professional brewery to make beer. The monthly cost of a professional brewer is between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan. The investment in brewing beer in the store is still huge.

Whether to install beer equipment in the store for brewing can be considered from the following aspects:

The first is the degree of concern of the target customer group for their own brewing in the store. In other words, will the target customer base increase their loyalty because of their own brewing in the store?

The second is the decoration of the store. The decor of the store with beer equipment is more upscale, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of craft beer.

The third is the scale of the brewery and brewpub. The brewery scale is small, the unit brewing costs will be high. If beer has no characteristics and cannot be supported by a higher price, it will be difficult to achieve profitability. Only the size of the store is large enough to exceed the break-even point, so that it makes sense to invest. Commercial brewing cannot rely on feelings, nor can it make decisions blindly.

Analyzing these three aspects, I believe that your investment will be more rational and the probability of success will be greatly improved. Craft beer is a very promising industry, and it can be very rewarding if managed properly.

Fourth, what kind of beer to brew and how to design a craft beer package. Craft beer is different from the bottle beer we usually drink. The variety of craft beer is very rich, and the flexibility of brewing is also greater. The spread of craft brewing culture comes from abroad, and the types of beer also have basic categories. However, the tastes of each country and region are very different. Therefore, it is important to brew beer that suits the tastes of local customers. For example, some customers like more classic and refreshing lagers, some like soft-tasting wheat beer, some may like IPA or Shitao, and many women like fruity beer with various flavors. Configure your own craft beer package according to customer tastes. Let your beer cater to the needs of a larger portion of customers, and at the same time gradually cultivate customers to try many flavors of beer, increase customer loyalty, and expand the customer base.

Fifth, conduct advertising and various activities to attract customers. Everything is ready, just waiting for customers. Customers can never find deep alleys by the aroma of . Proactively carry out publicity, and carry out targeted advertising according to the budget. You can print a leaflet and distribute it to nearby communities, commercial office buildings and nearby passers-by, and you can also place regional media advertisements. These are more traditional publicity methods. Craft breweries can be carefully created to create online celebrity check-in locations, especially craft breweries in tourist areas, which is a good way to expand their popularity. Of course, craft beer shops generally need to do some activities, such as Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest with various themes, Music Oktoberfest, Gourmet Oktoberfest, Sports Oktoberfest, Traveller Oktoberfest, Boss Oktoberfest, Single Oktoberfest, etc. , Everything can be linked to beer.

Finally, as the promoters and loyal fans of craft beer culture, we hope to unite all the forces that can make craft beer to form a shared platform to jointly promote the development of craft beer. We have a professional and free craft beer brewing association, a professional brewer, a well-known craft beer training school, sophisticated craft beer equipment, a stable supply of craft beer raw materials, and a modern beer testing and experiment platform. 

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