What Kind Of Steam Boiler Is Suitable For The Brewery Equipment
What Kind Of Steam Boiler Is Suitable For The Brewery Equipment?
What Should We Know About Brewing Fruit Beer
What Should We Know About Brewing Fruit Beer?

How To Measure Ph In Mash Tun At Any Time

During the saccharification process, most brewers are strict about the PH value of the syrup because Pondus Hydrogenii is one of the determining factors for the enzymes.

In general, the optimal PH value for alpha-amylase is 5.6-5.8; for beta-amylase, 5.4-5.5.

Therefore, a Pondus Hydrogenii value of 5.6-5.6 for wort is desirable to increase the concentration of extracts and produce more fermentable sugars, which then increases the final fermentation.

We found a device to measure the PH value which can be mounted on the top of the disc of the wort tank. It is simple and inexpensive to operate.

This Pondus Hydrogenii device is available in different models with the appropriate specifications as follows.

Electrode brand. Mettler-Toledo (world brand, long lift time)

Measuring range. 0.00 to 14.00HP
Resolution. 0.01PH
Accuracy: 0.01PH±1 bit
Operating temperature: 0~100℃
Voltage: DC±12VAC
Power input: 110/220VAC±15%, 50/60Hz
Size: 144mm×144mm×195mm (H×W×D)
Weight: 1.7kg

Most of the contents of the malt crush are non-water soluble, and the substances that are infused into the beer can only be water soluble, so we must convert the insoluble substances in the crush into water soluble substances by saccharification. (All substances that go into solution are called leached substances)

Water-soluble substances include: sugar, dextrin, minerals and certain proteins. Non-water-soluble substances include: starch, cellulose, some macromolecular proteins and other compounds that are drained away with the lees (at the end of wort filtration).

From an economic point of view, one always tries to convert as many non-water-soluble substances as possible into water-soluble substances, i.e. to obtain as much leachate as possible, expressed in terms of yield in the saccharification plant and the amount of leachate from the lees, respectively.

However, it is not only the quantity of leachate that is important, but also the quality of the leachate, since certain compounds (e.g. polyphenolic substances from wheat hulls) are not needed, while others are essential.

Properties of enzymes

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How To Measure Ph In Mash Tun At Any Time
How To Measure Ph In Mash Tun At Any Time