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What are the water quality requirements for brewing beer?
Three Vessels Brewhouse
Comparison of mash system (Brewhouse)configuration in beer equipment

How to maintain and maintain beer equipment

In the beer brewing process, in addition to the correct production process adopted by the brewer, the beer equipment also needs to be properly maintained and cleaned, so that the taste and quality of the brewed beer can be guaranteed.

The long-term operation of craft beer equipment will also cause some parts to loosen, so we must do a short period of regular inspection, otherwise the equipment will be damaged if it is serious.

Crushing system

Use the correct method of pulverization, not too wet malt, so that the grinding disc of the grinder will stick to more viscous materials, and the impurities of the grinding disc are cleaned each time after the grinding is completed. During operation, if the grinder has viscous materials, it must be cleaned before crushing.

Crushing system

Mashing system:

① When heating, pay attention to the water flowing over the heating tube or the heating wall;

② When it is difficult to filter, loosen the lees layer, and then start the mixer, do not hard start the mixing appliance

③Wort pump: The small valve cannot be opened, the pump is fed, and the motor is easily burned; after the operation, the appearance should be cleaned. When there is a lot of dirt, it can not be scrubbed with hard objects to avoid damage to the outer wall of the tank.

Fermentation system:

① During fermentation, do not operate with overpressure, and pay attention to the pressure requirements of the fermentation tank;

②The temperature can’t be cooled quickly. When the temperature is lowered, it is easy to cause the inner wall to freeze;

③ Make sure that each instrument in the fermentation is normal, and overhaul it once a year to

Avoid operation errors and damage the inside of the tank;

④ The outer wall of the fermenter must be cleaned every time the operation is completed, and it must be cleaned regularly.

⑤ Regular internal pickling is carried out to remove the beer stone in the tank.

Cooling system:

①It is covered with a rain shed, without affecting the heat dissipation.

②The temperature of the ice water cannot be lowered too low. When using the medium temperature machine, control it within a reasonable range.

③ Take appropriate protective measures to avoid long-time work of the refrigerator.

Only in this way can the residues in the equipment be cleaned up, and some harmful substances and bacteria can be removed.