Why does craft beer need to be cooled?
water in beer brewing
What are the water quality requirements for brewing beer?

How to choose craft beer equipment

1.The material of the equipment.

Qualified equipment must be made of at least 304 food grade stainless steel that meets the standard, or higher grade stainless steel, surface treatment, especially the inner surface of the inner tank, the inner surface of the inner tank is rough, which makes cleaning difficult, leaving impurities and easy to stain the beer. Bacteria spoiled.

2. Energy consumption and environmental protection

Craft brewing equipment requires energy consumption. Qualified equipment consumes relatively low energy consumption and has a good environmental protection level. The energy consumption of secondary equipment is higher and the control of environmental protection is low. In the face of increasingly severe environmental protection reviews, there is more High risk.

(1) Insulation material: Insulation material is the most basic requirement. The choice of material, the thickness and uniformity of the insulation layer will all affect energy consumption.

(2) A reasonable combination of refrigerators, ice water tanks, plate heat exchanger, and cooling zones. The refrigerator affects the cooling rate of the refrigerant and indirectly affects the cooling rate of the fermentation tank.

(3) For the steam heating part, the steam system and heating method need to be selected by the customer according to their actual conditions and the power matching according to the production capacity. Proper matching can save energy and time. If the selection is not good, the heating will be insufficient and the temperature control will not be sufficient. Good, high energy consumption leads to increased costs, low beer quality, etc.

3. Reasonable system design. Any single equipment must be designed and selected around the center of the system; process optimization, structural design, piping design, etc., must be serviced around the crafting system, otherwise it will lead to lower system efficiency and wine The quality is low, but the energy consumption is high.

4. High-quality accessories: In addition to the main equipment of the craft brewing system, there are also many scattered accessories (pipe fittings, valves, etc.), these are the necessities of the equipment, and some are consumables. The choice is not good, this set of equipment is inconvenient to operate, it also costs electricity, water, and man-hours, wine damages, and high costs.