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Comparison of mash system (Brewhouse)configuration in beer equipment
500L Electric Heated Micro Brewery Brewed in Grenoble France
500L Electric Heated Micro Brewery Brewed in Grenoble France

How to brew dark beer with beer equipment

The difference between dark beer and light beer is the roasting of malt. After the malt is roasted, part of the organic matter is carbonized to form coke and become black. If one day people find that coke is nutritious, dark beer will be more nutritious.

First: Material selection.

Self-brewed beer equipment usually uses high-quality malt with high solubility, relatively dark color, and smaller particles, with about 10% black malt, and sometimes using an appropriate amount of amber malt. We also call him to increase the malt aroma of the finished beer for sweet malt. And avoid excessive burnt aroma and burnt bitterness, which will affect the taste of beer. The grind degree of rye malt can be coarser to prevent difficulty in filtering.

Second: Add sugar coloring agent.

 The amount can be determined according to the color standard of the finished beer, generally not more than 0.2% of the liquor, and can be added in the beer filter of the self-brewed beer equipment. Because the taste of beer largely depends on the quality of the colorant, maltose color has been used in recent years. Its basic composition is close to wort, and the dissolution is good. It is a good coloring agent, but it should not be added too much.

Third: production volume.

If you consider mass production of dark beer, then you need to equip a yeast mash and fermentation equipment to ensure the stable quality of the dark beer brewed by the self-brewed beer equipment and avoid interference with the production of other varieties of products.

The dark beer brewed by the beer equipment is a kind of pure beer. The color of dark beer is often greater than 40EBC. Drink in cold weather.