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How To Avoid The Impact Of Sea Freight In Advance When Buying Beer Equipment

The price of sea freight goes up and down with the market, and obviously the price can vary greatly at different times. In some cases there can even be a $1000 difference in price between this month and the next.
Therefore, when purchasing beer equipment, it will be an important topic for every customer to effectively avoid the impact of freight changes in advance.

First of all, it is very important to plan ahead, that is, to have everything in place in advance. In particular, beer equipment manufacturing and beer brewing is a special industry that requires a lot of money and time in terms of land, beer equipment design, etc. So if you want to have a bar or pub in the next year or two, you need to start planning.

Of course, the manufacturing time for beer equipment needs to be taken into account when planning, and it takes about three months to complete.
Land procurement always takes six months, not to mention the time we need to decorate the brewery and bar.

Marine transportation is the most important factor besides beer equipment manufacturing, land procurement, and decoration, and its cost and delivery time can have a big impact on your costs.

Now I would like to share some of the factors that affect the maritime market.


Season is the most important factor to consider.
Usually, prices will rise from April. The highest prices will happen from September to November, because some additional costs will be added during the hot season. Then, when the cold winter comes, the prices will decrease.
It is now clear that we need to consider in which month we need to ship our equipment? The manufacturing time for the turnkey beer system will last about three months. Some places close to China, such as Korea, China Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, etc., only take 3 or 7 days. But for Europe, North America, South America, Russia, etc., it will take 20-40 days.
So, now is the right time to order beer equipment. From September to November, it is the hot season for beer equipment, come on!

Sea transportation time

Sea shipping time has a lot to do with the location of the destination, the voyage, the shipping company and whether it is shipped through other ports.
First, we should check which port is close to your location and which port has easy and fast transportation to the destination.
Then, we need to choose a reliable shipping company to the destination port. Brewery Equipment can help in this regard, we have several professional freight forwarders who can give us professional advice. So you can rest assured that if you tell us the right port, we can let you know the best shipping plan.

Direct or non-direct ship?

Choosing a direct or non-direct ship is different in shipping. If you are not in a hurry to receive your equipment, not direct shipping can help you save some money, while you need to pay more patience to wait.

Other factors

Of course, there are some other factors, such as exchange rate, oil price, etc.. They also have an impact on shipping, but the impact is not significant.

How To Avoid The Impact Of Sea Freight In Advance When Buying Beer Equipment
How To Avoid The Impact Of Sea Freight In Advance When Buying Beer Equipment