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How do I set up a brewery ?
How to start a brewery with no money

How much does it cost to start a brewery?

There are many advantages to starting a small brewery instead of a large brewery. First, the cost is reduced because you produce less beer. You don’t have to spend one million dollars to buy equipment, but you can spend 100,000 dollars to buy all the equipment you need.

Because the equipment is smaller, the buildings you need to accommodate can also be smaller, saving real estate costs. Finally, the tax law has certain advantages over microbreweries-the tax rate for the first 60,000 barrels produced by the brewery is only $ 7 per barrel, not $ 18.


Certain costs of the microbrewery will remain similar, such as the need for laminate flooring, plumbing and electrical engineering, as well as any permits and permits. However, as production volume decreases, the total expenditure on equipment and real estate should be greatly reduced, which makes microbreweries a more viable option for many new brewers.

Although starting a brewery can be a challenge and costly, it is possible after careful planning, sufficient funding, and a commitment to the art of brewing. Starting from the microbrewing level may be a good way to get started, so that your new business will flourish over time.