How much does it cost to set up a small beer plant?
How much does it cost to start a brewery?

How do I set up a brewery ?

500L Red Copper Fermentation Tank

500L Red Copper Fermentation Tank

More and more people choose craft beer. It seems that everyone has the dream of opening a brewery. What should we do on the way to realize the dream of the brewery?

1. Do market research to determine market demand

Determine the demand for beer, the type of beer, and the size of the brewery based on the acceptance of beer by people in your city

2. Consult the government

Understand the certificates needed to start a brewery and determine whether you are qualified to start your own brewery.

Familiar with the system and rules for starting a brewery, and abide by the system and rules

3. Choose the brewery location

  • lIt should be far away from the industrial enterprises that may produce toxic and harmful substances.
  • lThe area with water supply and drainage conditions and power supply should be selected, and the area with significant pollution to beer products should not be selected, away from pollution sources such as sewage ponds and exposed garbage dumps (stations).
  • l It should be more than 10 m away from the sales or processing place of livestock and poultry products, aquatic products, and necessary precautions should be designed when it is difficult to avoid.
  • l The production area, business place and office life should be properly separated.

4. Determine the business model of the brewery

Choose the right consumer group and target marketing beer. Whether it is self-produced or sold, it must be planned in advance

5. Choose the right beer equipment

If you are a brewer, you can choose the beer equipment that suits you according to your understanding of beer craftsmanship and your brewing habits. From the crushing of malt to the storage of beer, the crushing system, mashing system, fermentation system, cooling system, control system, cleaning system, every stage is crucial.


5. Decide the name and logo of the brewery and create your own beer brand.

A perfect brewery name and an acceptable logo are often the first step to attract consumers.

They should reflect the core philosophy of our brewery.

I believe you can all successfully establish a brewery, build your own beer brand and love it for everyone.