Why do craft beers use malt, many people know it but don't know why
Why do craft beers use malt, many people know it but don’t know why
Why is your wheat beer prone to sourness
Why is your wheat beer prone to sourness?

When buying home-brewed beer, should you buy canned or bottled?

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages of mankind. It is the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea. It was introduced to China in the early 20th century. After it entered China, it had a huge impact on our classic wines. Although liquor and beer belong to the same alcohol category, they have different tastes, especially beer has a low alcohol content, high nutritional value, and tastes much better than liquor, so it is popular among young people.
When it comes to beer, I’m sure everyone knows that there are many types of beer, including draft beer, fresh beer, dark beer, white beer, etc. The same beer is divided into two types: bottled and canned. So what’s the difference between bottled beer and canned beer? When we buy beer, should we choose bottled or canned? Today, the self-brewed beer equipment manufacturer will tell you about whether to buy “bottled” or “canned” when buying beer?

Different production processes After the beer is fermented, before filling, it is necessary to press the bottle in advance, and pour carbon dioxide or nitrogen into it, mainly to isolate the oxygen in the beer, so that the beer has better stability and is easier to store. Due to the different materials of the bottle body of the glass bottle and the aluminum can, the bottle has good pressure resistance, high pressure, and can be better exhausted

1. Bottled beer is more stable
The main material of bottled beer is glass, and the main component of glass is silica. It’s a very stable substance with almost nothing to react with, so glass beer is best. By the way, it keeps the beer stable and prevents the beer from reacting, so the taste of the beer is better preserved, and some premium beers are basically bottled. Filled beer uses metal cans, the main material is aluminum alloy, in our chemistry class, we all know that certain metals are very active and can easily react with substances in nature. So the beer can is full of beer and something in the beer reacts with the metal in the can making the beer taste bad.
When buying home-brewed beer, should you buy canned or bottled
2. The quality of beer varies

Generally speaking, during the beer filling process, whatever beer is being packaged, it is pressurized with an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Glass bottles can withstand more pressure than cans, so they can better guarantee the quality of beer. In addition, the properties of glass bottles are relatively stable and do not undergo chemical reactions. The iron and aluminum materials in the can react with the beer and create a metallic taste, so beer in a glass bottle is much better quality than canned beer.

3. Different shelf life

In fact, other than the difference in beer quality and convenience, many of my friends don’t know about it. In fact, the shelf life of bottled beer and canned beer is also very different. Since glass beer has a major problem, which means that bottled beer is relatively poor in protection from light, most bottled beer should have a shorter shelf life than canned beer. However, the brown glass bottles used for some imported beers are better protected from light, but still not as effective as canned ones. Especially in summer, direct sunlight can greatly reduce the shelf life and lifespan of beer.

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4. Different conveniences

Comparing bottled beer to canned beer, one of the best things about canned beer is that it’s easier to carry around. Especially for those who like to go out and drink, they must choose canned beer. If it is bottled beer, it is easy to cause fragmentation during transportation, which is particularly inconvenient to carry.

To sum up: when buying beer in life, bottled beer is still the first choice, if you go out and play, you can choose canned beer.