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First of all we have to know what is saccharification?

Saccharification: The name suggests that sugar is the process of sugar, simply put the starch in the malt to sugar at a suitable temperature, because yeast can absorb sugar, not starch. While small bars or workshop wines generally use leaching to separate sugars, heating way is required during the saccharification process. At present, there are mainly two methods of saccharification heating way: one is direct heating by an electric heating pipe; the other is heating by steam generated by a steam jacket.

heating way

Electric heating

The equipment is simple, the cost is low, the production is easy, the heat generated by the resistance wire generates heat, the temperature of the heating tube wall is relatively high, the saccharification equipment below 300L is used more, the inadequacy is the inconvenience operation of the saccharification process, easy to paste pot

Steam heating

The general steam temperature is about 130 degrees Celsius, the heating speed of steam heating is fast, the contact area is large, the time for high temperature oxidation is effectively reduced, and the heating is even and it is not easy to paste the pan.

Comparison of heating costs between electric heating and steam heating
The average heating cost per litre of wine is: direct electric heating: 0.23-0.26 yuan / L; electric boiler heating: 0.28-0.32 yuan; liquefied gas or natural gas boiler heating: 0.12-0.17 yuan / L, but the boiler (evaporation 50kg) The cost is about 10,000.

The concise version about Heating way is here:

Electric heatingSteam heating
Equipment PriceLow costBoiler (evaporation capacity 50kg) Cost: ≈ 10,000RMB
Heating WayResistance wire heatingSteam heating
Heating cost0.23-0.26RMB/L0.28-0.32RMB/L(Liquefied natural gas or natural gas boiler: 0.12-0.17 yuan/L)
Application areaSaccharification equipment below 300LAll
AdvantageSimple equipment, easy to makeRapid heating, uniform heating, less oxidation, not easy to paste pot
ShortcomingsThe saccharification process is not well-operated and easy to pastehigh cost


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