What are the different sizes of brewing systems and what are their annual production capacities?
Beer Brewing Process
Beer Brewing Process

What are the different types of heating methods?

heating methods

heating methods

A major consideration for your brewhouse will be the heating method that you choose. Most breweries typically use either electric or gas solutions to heat the vessels. An electric system is a more efficient and price-effective solution in the long run, but does require a higher initial investment.

If opting for gas, propane is more expensive due to fuel cost, whereas natural gas would be cheaper (assuming current prices). Depending on your needs and budget, suppliers will be able to help you choose an ideal heating solution.


  • Lower initial investment, easier to set up and move
  • Options include propane and natural gas
  • Requires vigilant monitoring for safety


  • More energy efficient
  • Allows a timing system and saving certain boil settings
  • Significantly quieter and considerably safer, as there’s no possibility for gas leaks, etc.