Common equipment problems when making craft beer
Ultimate Beer Preparation Making Process
Ultimate Beer Preparation Making Process

German – style brewed beer equipment

30BBL Industrial Brewing Equipment

30BBL Industrial Brewing Equipment

One German-style brewed beer equipment mainly consists of the following systems:

  1. Crushing system → broken malt, crusher
  2. mash system → mash pot, filter tank, sedimentation tank, mixer (mash enzyme, decomposition, carbon dioxide generation)
  3. Automatic control system → Siemens self-control 7-inch LCD screen, automatic cooling, advanced equipment
  4. Fermentation system → 6 fermenters, specially loaded with wine, can ferment and store wine, all stainless steel
  5. CIP washing→automatic cleaning, can wash the mash tank and wash the fermenter, 380V power supply
  6. Refrigeration → The head of the compressor is the Danfoss head. It is a joint venture between China and the United States. The compressor is used for alcohol refrigeration. It is sent to the fermenter through alcohol pumping. Alcohol and alcohol are not in contact with concentrated indirect refrigeration. Safe not frozen
  7. Exhaust → mash hot wheat timing, steam will be generated after boiling for 60 minutes, so it must be exhausted by the exhaust system.
  8. Wine sales system → The wine cans are cooled, and the wine flows out from the bar (sales, food hose)
  9. Heating → (1 electric heating, 2 steam heating) 2 sets of heating tubes, the wort is used for boiling, and the cold water is heated to use 1000L or more beer.

Our professional after-sales service mode:

  • Free on-site design, installation and commissioning of brewed beer equipment for brewing beer.
  • Free transfer of self-brewed beer equipment technology and process recipes.
  • craft beer equipment main equipment free warranty for 5 years.
  • Provide lifetime maintenance service to ensure timely and excellent service for local users.
  • Lifetime technical service, supplying all brewed beer raw materials, supplying brewing equipment and beer equipment accessories.
  • Customer file management, file management for customers, and provide customers with fast information at any time. Long-term technology and quality tracking services.

Our equipment is fine workmanship, fine workmanship, excellent performance and simple operation. Using barley malt, water, hops, yeast and other raw materials, a low-temperature fermentation process is used to produce a turbid type of beer containing active yeast, which can be directly consumed and sold. This beer equipment is widely used in home brewing.