Hazy Beers And How We Brew Them At Black Hops
G.O.A.T. Hazy Ipa Now Part Of Our Core Ranges Beers
G.O.A.T. Hazy Ipa Now Part Of Our Core Range Beers

Gabs Revival 2020 Online – Friday 5 June

We were as disappointed as many of you when the team at GABS announced that GABS would not be held this May/June. GABS was a big part of our story, attending events before dark hops were available and submitting beers before we had our own brewery.

For 2020, we also had an interesting idea for a GABS beer and didn’t want to wait to brew it in particular. Therefore, we have decided to go ahead with the 2020 GABS beer and revise the annual GABS revival event. We’ll be doing a can release and live call on Friday, June 5.

If you’re already tempted to click on the link below and opt in to the Facebook event, we have a limited number of these beers available on a first-come, first-served basis! We are also live streaming the product on our website now. If not, please continue reading below.

GABS Revival 2020 Online Edition

We’ll be celebrating GABS on Friday, June 5 and re-releasing all GABS beers for the annual GABS Revival. This will be our sixth year, so the beers will be released in a mixed 6-pack. 

We’ll also have a live call via our Facebook ambassador group, with Master Brewer Govs on hand to taste all the beers and do some fun activities.

Dark hops are the people’s choice

The People’s Choice revival is one of the most fun parts of GABS, so we’ll be producing a live dark hop version on the call.
Participants will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite beer from our 6 GABS beers, and once we crown the winner, we will randomly select one voter who chooses that beer and who will win this sweet prize of

2 tickets to the GABS Brisbane revival Opening Ceremony (cheers to the GABS team)

Black hops t-shirt
Black hop socks

A glass of beer from the Black Hops Craft Master
Mixed 12 pack, 6 Gabe’s beers revival and 6 other stouts.

KILL PATRICK (2015) – 6.1% Oyster Kill Patrick Stout

Our first GABS beer, Kill Patrick, is first and foremost a strong beer with a hint of smoked malt and a hint of rye. This beer is revival brewed with fresh, uncooked oysters and flavored with tamarind, 

cloves, pepper and lemon peel. On our first visit to the GABS in Melbourne, it revival came in just outside the top 10 at #13.
Blitz Small Beer (2016) – 6.1% small pale ale

This bold pale ale was one of only two Queensland beers in the 2016 GABS top 10. It’s brewed with all the essential ingredients of airplane jelly, toasted coconut, revival creamy sherry, Madagascar vanilla beans, lots of fruit and sponge cake.


Wagon (2017) – 5.7% Wagon Wheel Sturdy

Originally brewed for GABS 2017, this revival sweet stout was brewed with chocolate, raspberry jam, vanilla, marshmallows and cookies.

It’s a wagon wheel for adults and has been a fan favorite for dark hop GABS beers since GABS 2017.
Tijuana Trolley Company (2018) – Sangria Saison 6.5%

Black Hops ventured to Tijuana in search of spices revival for Sangria Saison and almost got stuck in Mexico. Fortunately, a little trolley trip saves them from conflict. Seasoned with cinnamon, orange peel and star anise, you’ll be tango-hopping in no time.

Caribbean Haze (2019) – 7.8% Fruit and Rum Infused Haze IIPA

Caribbean Haze was brewed in collaboration with Mount Gay Rum at the 2019 GABS Festival. Spiced with citrus, pineapple, mango and coconut, this smoky Caribbean-style Double American IPA is infused with 

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum revival to bring fresh Caribbean flavors to this already aromatic style.
PIñA COLADA (2020) – 6.7% Coconut Pineapple Nitro Shake IPA
If you like the taste of Piña Coladas and hops brewed with grains

If you don’t like beer, if you want an IPA
If you like to drink beer at midnight or any time of the day
This is the beer you are looking for, enjoy and leave.