Dirty Glass!
Dirty Glass!
Our First Truly Wild Fermented Beer, Made By The Creek In The Gold Coast Hinterland
Our First Truly Wild Fermented Beer, Made By The Creek In The Gold Coast Hinterland

Gabs Hottest 100 Wrap Up: Getting G.O.A.T. Into The Top 5

The GABS Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers Countdown is the country’s largest People’s Choice Craft Beer Poll, with 1,000 beers from across Australia vying for a place in the pantheon of Australia’s most popular craft beers.
This year’s countdown was held on Saturday 23 January and the atmosphere in all three of our restaurants was electric as the hottest beers of 2020 were released.

Gabs Hottest 100 Wrap Up Getting G.O.A.T. Into The Top 5

If you’re like us, you’re triggered by a beer in a dirty glass. We always want to join the Facebook chorus and yell “Dirty glass!” Every time we hottest  see one. But now we don’t have to, because we’re offering you this post.

Drinking beer from a glass should achieve a magical sweet spot of what it looks like when it’s poured, what it hottest smells like when you lift the glass to your mouth, and what it tastes like when you tap it back in to taste it. 

This multi-sensory ritual is one of the most satisfying moments for any beer drinker, whether casual beer drinker or serious connoisseur.

But one often overlooked factor hottest that can negatively impact this beer sensory experience is the health of your beer glass – especially its cleanliness.

If your glass is not in “beer-clean” condition, hottest then it’s not the best representation of the beer it holds in terms of clarity, head retention and carbonation. It won’t look as good when you’re taking epic beer photos for your social events under the lights.


So you want to make sure your beer glass is as clean as possible so that your beer looks and tastes as good as possible.

Bubbles, Laces and Salt: How can I tell if my beer glass is clean enough?

While you may think your beer glass is clean, there are three quick and easy tests you can do that may indicate otherwise. So the next time you’re planning to drink beer from a glass, follow these steps to determine how clean your beer glass really is.

Gabs Hottest 100 Wrap Up Getting G.O.A.T. Into The Top 5

This year we had our best results ever. Since we started our brewing journey in 2016, we’ve had a proud tradition of improving our results in the annual countdown to the top of the charts. And this year it’s all about hottest promoting GO.A.T. to maximize our turnout.

We’ve noticed that the breweries that typically occupy higher rankings in the annual countdown tend to focus on specifically promoting one of their beers. While we want voters who love our beers to choose their personal favorites from the entry list, 

we have also adopted a hottest strategy to actively promote G.O.a.T. Hazy IPA as a dark hoppy beer for voting.

As a result, we came up with the “Vote G.O.A.T.” campaign, which was based on rallying as many stout voters as possible around one flagship beer – our hazy IPA. hop voters, and it achieved rapid growth, from a limited release fan fave to building our core series in May 2020.

To spread the G.O.A.T. gospel, we got ahead of the curve with subtle campaigns like social media posts, directly targeted emails and restaurant promotions.
The Results
In the 2020 countdown, we received the fifth most votes of any brewery in the country, with four of our beers in the top 100 and our pale ale at No. 14.

This year, we took things to another level with seven beers in the running. We are thrilled that they all made the top 100 and G.O.A.T. debuted at #5, which is our best ever!

In addition, two limited release beers hottest made the top 50 (Neverland and Caribbean Haze) exceeding our wildest expectations.

Our final recommendations are.

Pale Ale: 16
Bumblebee: 17
Super Bumblebee: 42
Caribbean Haze:50
Send: 58
Overall, 2020 was a great year for craft beer in Australia and we are incredibly proud to be in the company of all the amazing breweries hottest that participated in the countdown. Thank you so much to all of you who voted and got our beers out there this year!