Reasons why craft beer projects are good for startups
Reasons why craft beer projects are good for startups
Several processes of beer production process that are easy to be infected with bacteria
Several processes of beer production process that are easy to be infected with bacteria

What it takes to start a small craft brewery

Since the introduction of craft beer into China from abroad, there has been a boom in craft beer in China, and it has risen rapidly at an incredible speed. More and more bosses have seen business opportunities and opened small craft breweries, but they are distressed in the early stage. Going through the formalities is really quite troublesome. To put it bluntly, without these documents, even if you buy the equipment, it is useless. Haolu craft beer manufacturer and everyone will learn about the procedures and documents required to build a beer equipment factory. The content of this article may be long, but I believe you will gain a lot.

What it takes to start a small craft brewery

Generally speaking, starting a winery requires one approval, one license, two evaluations, and one license. In theory, that’s all there is to it. However, the reality is not so simple and the most difficult is the project approval and food production license. Let’s talk about how to obtain the approval document first.

1. Approval of the application project:

A winery’s bid must first obtain the approval from the National Development and Reform Commission, because the National Development and Reform Commission in the 2013 plan designated the bottling production line with an hourly canning capacity of less than 18,000 bottles as the national phase-out light industry production line. Therefore, if you want to obtain the approval, you must first consider whether the production capacity of your production line meets the national standard. (The difference between the national standard and the local standard shall be guided by the national standard and implemented in accordance with the local standard.)

2. Business license:

A business license is a certificate issued by the industrial and commercial administration to industrial and commercial enterprises and self-employed persons to engage in certain production and business activities.

(1) The procedures for applying for a business license are as follows:

The first step is to approve the name (company type, name, registered capital, shareholders and capital contribution ratio);

The second step is to submit materials (confirm address information, executive information, business scope, and submit pre-application online);

The third step, get the license (on the day of the appointment, bring the notification of approval of establishment registration and the original ID card of the applicant, and go to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to get the original and copy of the business license.)

(2) Materials required for applying for a business license:

1. “Company Establishment Registration Application” signed by the legal representative of the company;

2. The articles of association of the company signed by all shareholders;

3. Legal person shareholder qualification certificate or natural person shareholder ID card and its photocopy;

4. Copies of the appointment documents and ID cards of directors, supervisors and managers;

5. Certificate of Designated Representative or Authorized Agent;

6. The agent’s ID card and its copy;

7. Proof of residence use.

3. Fire protection assessment:

It is divided into three parts: fire safety management, fire protection characteristics of buildings, and fire protection facilities of buildings.

4. Environmental protection assessment:
All planning or construction projects that carry out development, construction, production and operation, and may produce environmental impacts (environmental pollution or ecological impacts) must undergo environmental assessment.
1) The land selected for the brewery must be industrial land, and land of other nature will not be accepted;
2) Find the EIA unit to write the EIA document (the EIA unit only needs to provide the information according to their requirements when compiling. Usually, first go to the site to understand the specific conditions of the surrounding environment; Scale, process, raw materials, etc. In the case of the report form, these contents are basically enough; if it is a report, monitoring, public participation, etc. are also required. Ask the EIA unit to make it clear, and before asking the EIA unit for a quotation, make it clear If there are any environmentally sensitive points such as nature reserves, water sources, and residential areas around the project, it is enough to find out the investment subject of the project, the status of preliminary approval procedures, investment, scale, and technology.)

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5. Food production license:
This license needs to go to the local Food and Drug Administration to apply for it. More materials are required.
1) Business license;
2) Application for food production license;
3) The floor plan of the food production and processing site and its surrounding environment;
4) Process equipment layout diagram and food production process flow chart;
5) The layout plan of each functional area;
6) List of main equipment and facilities for food production;
7) A series of related materials such as purchase inspection records, production process control, factory inspection records, food safety self-inspection, employee health management, unsafe food recall, food safety accident handling, etc. to ensure food safety.
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Through the above content, you can learn about the procedures for starting a craft brewery. Shandong Haolu beer equipment manufacturer has cooperation projects with Qingdao and Yantai Gisper. If you want to know about the brewery equipment project, you can contact us (18678891333 ), we will serve you 7*24 hours!