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Tips to Consider While Purchasing Best Conical Fermenter

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Controlling the temperature of stainless steel fermenter conical can have a significant impact on brewed beer. Fermenting above or below the optimal temperature range can lead to the production of fruity flavored beer or bitter beer. Without temperature control for your stainless steel fermenter, it is impossible to brew your beer correctly.

It’s essential to find means of controlling the temperature of your stainless steel fermenter. So, here are several techniques you can use to manage the temperature of steel fermenters.

Ice Bath

Ice bathing technique involves submerging your small conical fermenter into a tub full of ice. You will be required to buy an ice maker but if you’re on a tight budget, consider using bottle frozen water. Frozen bottled water is recommended because it doesn’t melt fast as compared to ice cubes. For added effectiveness, place a towel in the tub before submerging the steel fermenter.

Brew Belt

Brew belt is an electric device that you wrap around your fermenters. To use it, you plug into electricity and heat the steel fermenter to a temperature slightly above the room temperature. Additionally, you can install a temperature sensor inside the fermenter, which removes the brew belt once the temperatures are optimal.

Also, you can stick a thermometer beside the small conical fermenter to determine whether to move the belt up or down the fermenter.

Space Heater

This is a way of heating the temperature in the room where you’ve placed your steel fermenter. The heating speed is slow, but the gradual rise of temperature increases the temperature of your beer. Therefore, it is an excellent method of controlling a stainless steel wine fermenter as it doesn’t require high temperatures.

Fortunately, space heaters are manufactured to switch off automatically to prevent fires. It’s important to note; you can’t use it without close supervision.

Use Fridge Or Freezer

The advantage of using a refrigerator is its insulation, which helps in maintaining a consistent temperature. To cool it down, plug in until it is set to your desired temperature. However, if you need to increase temperature, use a space heater to attain your desired temp.

Additionally, you can place conical fermenter with temperature control in the fridge. The insulation advantage of the refrigerator helps maintain the optimal temp.


The evaporation process is used on the small conical fermenter. Why? You have to wrap an old shirt or towel around it, which means you can’t cover a large steel fermenter. It provides a constant cooling effect, but if you need to increase its effectiveness, add a fan.

Wrap Up

Fermentation temperature control is a significant determinant of your beer flavor. Although your beer will ferment fast in warm temperature, the taste might be awful. It’s not arguable you want the best-tasting wine and beer; a drink that you rank as world finest. Therefore, invest in several temperature control for your steel fermenter.

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